Creating Authenticity in STEAM Education
Creating Authenticity in STEAM Education $44.95
Michelle Bradley's Creating Authenticity in STEAM Education goes beyond the confines of traditional teaching methods and invites educators to discover the transformative potential of STEAM education. No longer confined to mere straws and plasticine, this book delves into the essence of authentic learning experiences, offering a diverse array of meticulously curated resources and examples. Through a fusion of design thinking and project-based learning, Bradley's mission is to ignite a passion for critical thinking, providing a roadmap for educators to cultivate a generation of innovators and problem solvers. Unleash the power of STEAM education and witness the evolution of engaged and empowered learners ready to navigate the complexities of the modern world.
Creating Connections
Creating Connections $42.95
Rachel Stewart is a parent engagement specialist and mother of three. In Creating Connections: Inspire your child to thrive in their learning, Rachel explores the vital role of parents (and carers) in their children’s education, in particular during the transition to learning at school. With touching anecdotes from her own life, Rachel describes how the adults who care for children can learn alongside them - with children, families and teachers forming a powerful learning team. With a focus on compassion - for self and for others - Rachel encourages parents to reflect on their life and grow their awareness of how their experiences might influence their parenting style. She encourages a close relationship between parents and teachers for the benefit of the child and invites parents to build a relationship with their children that encourages a love for learning and growth as unique individuals. Importantly, Rachel explains how to stay connected while letting go. Creating Connections provides the support and affirmation craved by any parent who has wondered if they are doing a good job.  
Curating Inquiries
Curating Inquiries $39.95
The role of teachers isn’t limited to just teaching. Teachers are here to educate, to lead others out to a new beginning, a future that students and teachers can wholeheartedly embrace. In Curating Inquiries, Grant Lewis shares his knowledge of curriculum design and inquiry learning garnered from over 20 years of experience. This book will explore how schools and teachers can develop a conceptual framework that scaffolds the learning journey while developing inquiries worth learning about.From looking at how to map curriculum across a year or longer using the framework, it is designed to be practical and provide strategies and protocols to be applied in a primary school setting. It also explores what inquiry-based learning is, how to make sense of it all and still remain accountable to curriculum and student voice. This book is recommended for teachers who wish to develop knowledge around planning for an inquiry and providing the time and space for students to grow in their confidence and skills in inquiry. Through understanding how inquiry-based learning works, it will enable teachers to achieve success in setting up the memorable, powerful and engaging learning experiences for their students.
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Damien Barry bundle
Damien Barry bundle $66.90 $69.90
Grab both of Dr Damien Barry's books. The Teaching Game (published May 2023)The Leadership Game (publishing May 2024)
Data-informed Learners
Data-informed Learners $54.95
As educators we all recognise the power of using data to inform our work. A key piece that is often missing is how we engage students in their data story. When we use data with students they become data-informed learners. They have a better understanding of their ability as a learner and can articulate their goals and challenges more clearly. We can support our students through targeted conversations, working in partnership to help them improve. There are three main purposes for using data with students: goal setting, learning dispositions or behaviour, and the quality of student learning or understanding. There are five main modes by which we do this: data walls, success criteria, student-generated assessment, deliberate conversations and data on walls in classrooms. In this book, Dr Selena Fisk unpacks these purposes and modes, giving practical ideas for implementation in schools and classrooms. She offers guidance in having constructive data-informed conversations with students, while building a culture of psychological safety where data use is productive and transformational.   Praise for this book: This book offers readers an important glimpse into what it takes to ensure that students can answer my 5 questions: What are you learning and why? How are you doing? How do you know how you are doing? How do you improve? Where do you go for help? When they can, we know that they are all 'Data-informed Learners'! This makes this book a rich piece of school improvement literature. Dr Lyn Sharratt - International Consultant and Author  
Differentiation for Gifted Students in a Secondary School
Differentiation for Gifted Students in a Secondary School $42.95
Differentiation for Gifted Students in a Secondary School aims to provide secondary school teachers with a raft of ideas and strategies to differentiate teaching, learning and the curriculum for gifted students. Interweaving theory and research with everyday practice, this book offers guidance and suggestions from Australian experts who work every day with gifted students. With appropriate strategies to support gifted students in a variety of classes, subjects and situations in a secondary school, this book considers a range of known and emerging concerns relating to the education of gifted children from differentiating the curriculum, wellbeing, creativity, transitioning between school settings, the science classroom and STEM projects. Differentiation for Gifted Students in a Secondary School is a unique resource that will help new and experienced teachers with inspired and practical strategies to respond to the needs of their gifted students. The inclusion of several case studies helps exemplify these for readers.   Editor, Dr Susan Nikakis sure knows a thing or two about gifted and talented students. She has a special education graduate diploma, masters and doctorate in gifted education, and holds positions at the University of Melbourne, the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children Association and as a Senior Gifted Education Programs Officer.   Chapter contributions from: Mark Smith Amy Horneman Carmel Meehan Geraldine Nicholas Christine Ireland Shelley Waldon Arrigo Dorissa  
Educate to Self-Regulate
Educate to Self-Regulate $39.95
Dive into the definitive guide to nurturing self-regulated learners with Educate to Self-Regulate. Drawing from extensive teaching experience, research studies and school partnerships, Dr Shyam Barr presents evidence-informed strategies to empower both educators and students on the path to lifelong success. Through three comprehensive parts, the book navigates from laying the foundations of self-regulated learning to practical classroom implementation and leadership initiatives. It is an essential roadmap for teachers to identify barriers to students’ self-regulated learning and apply effective teaching approaches. Unlock the secrets to fostering self-regulated learners with Barr's expertise, equipping yourself with the tools to cultivate autonomy, resilience, and academic excellence in your students. Whether you're a seasoned educator or a newcomer to the field, this book provides invaluable insights and actionable steps to transform your teaching practice and empower students for success in an ever-changing world.
Engineer $13.95
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a engineer? In this book from the Real People, Real Careers series, we follow Donna on her journey from trade assistant to LAME (Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer). On the way, you’ll read all about what Donna does each day, see pictures of the aircraft hanger where she works, and learn some interesting facts about her job as well as key terms that will help you to better understand the world of work.
Equine Carer
Equine Carer $13.95
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an equine carer? In this book from the Real People, Real Careers series, we follow Sam on her journey from after-school employee to self-employed equine carer and services provider. On the way, you’ll read all about what Sam does each day, see pictures of the places where she works, and learn some interesting facts about her job as well as key terms that will help you to better understand the world of work.
Exam Skills Handbook
Exam Skills Handbook $29.95
In the race to academic success, it's not just about how long you study, but how smart you revise. Scott Francis, renowned author and educator, unveils the Exam Skills Handbook, a roadmap for high schoolers to unlock their full potential. Delve into the secrets of using your class time, study skills, using the exam preparation block and performing well on exam day. Tailored to senior students, this handbook is your ticket to mastering the art of acing your exams. With expert insights and practical strategies, you'll transform study sessions into power-packed learning experiences. Say goodbye to inefficient cramming and hello to a smarter, more fulfilling academic journey. Get ready to conquer exams with confidence and make the most of your precious time, because life is too good for bad study!
Exploding Dunny
Exploding Dunny $12.95
Welcome to the Clancy of the Outback series. Eleven-year-old Clancy has been thrust into life out woop-woop. These are the stories of his outback adventures at his uncle's sheep station, Overflow Station. In 'Exploding Dunny', the shearers return to Overflow Station with a new cook. Everything was going well, until the cook served an extra hot curry one night. You can imagine - or maybe you'd better not - what happened to the shearers' toilet a few hours later! Clancy tries his best to help but it sort of misfires ... At the conclusion of this book there is an Outback Facts section about shearing in Australia and includes some recipes to make. There is a Bob Pacey poem, 'The Shearers Cook', and the all-important, Outback Jokes section.
Fast and Effective Assessment
Fast and Effective Assessment $55.00
What if teachers could dramatically reduce the amount of time they spend reviewing and correcting student work and actually see better results in terms of student learning? That's the goal of Glen Pearsall, who shares dozens of classroom-tested strategies that lessen teachers' workload while increasing students' class participation and improving their understanding.Readers will learn how to: Refine their classroom questioning techniques to continually check students' progress and provide instant feedback. Encourage students to internalize learning goals so they better understand what is expected of them. Use fast, formative assessment strategies to check and correct during class time. Modify traditional summative-testing strategies to monitor student progress in a formative way. Speed up the correction process via student self-proofing, representative sampling, and helpful technology tools. Engage students in becoming actively involved in assessing their own work. Drawing from his own experience as a teacher and coach, Pearsall offers practical, real-world advice in the form of techniques that are both effective and sustainable in the everyday classroom. The result is smarter assessment-for both teachers and students.
Feral Frenzy
Feral Frenzy $12.95
Welcome to the Clancy of the Outback series. Eleven-year-old Clancy has been thrust into life out woop-woop. These are the stories of his outback adventures at his uncle's sheep station, Overflow Station. In 'Feral Frenzy', Mum is still trying to work out how to do her thing on Overflow Station and the whole family continues to have a lot to learn about country life. But who would have thought that feral pigs would get into Mum's precious veggie garden? Clancy thought it was pretty exciting at the time but now it is an issue they need to fix pronto. At the conclusion of this book there is an Outback Facts section which discusses feral animals in Australia, there is an A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson poem, 'Brumby's Run', and the all-important, Outback Jokes section.
Festival Fun
Festival Fun $12.95
Join Clancy and Little Billy on a musicial adventure. The mayor of Chance, the ubiquitous Mel Bell, decides that this small town on the bank of the Darling needs a cultural event. To ‘liven up’ the town. The townsfolk decide to have a music festival, Miss Aphrodite organises the school kids to perform and the whole population of the Overflow gets involved. There is a lot of singing and practising on new instruments – some, like the lagerphone – created in Dad’s shed. The music leans towards country but with a good smattering of corny old ballads.
Film Analysis Handbook
Film Analysis Handbook $29.95
Unlock the secrets of cinematic storytelling with the Film Analysis Handbook. Tailored for high school students studying English and literature, this guide is your ticket to confidently dissecting films and crafting compelling analyses. From unravelling narrative threads to decoding visual symbolism, this book is full of insightful tips and engaging examples to elevate a student’s understanding of film. Learn how to dissect a classic or critique a contemporary masterpiece. Navigate the world of cinema with insight and finesse, making every viewing experience an opportunity for understanding.
Financial Literacy Handbook
Financial Literacy Handbook $29.95
Earning money for the first time can be very rewarding. For teenagers earning money from part-time work at food outlets and retail stores, from their own small businesses and from their hobbies, there are more opportunities than ever for a motivated young adult to earn some money. In the Financial Literacy Handbook, Scott Francis provides financial education to help students learn money lessons they can take for life, to be confident talking about their money and to make better-informed financial decisions. This book covers crucial financial topics including spending, saving, investing, financial goals, credit card and high interest debt, key paperwork, building budgets, and understanding tax and superannuation. Whether you’ve already earned some money through work or are still learning to earn an income, you’ll find practical strategies that will help you make wise financial choices, become confident in managing your financial skills and positioning yourself for financial success in the future.
Flood Fears
Flood Fears $12.95
Join Clancy and Little Billy on a wet adventure. Big Bill arrives as usual in a cloud of dust but it might be the last dust the Overflow sees for a long time. He has no time for small talk as he demonstrates the height to where the Darling River flooded in 1973. A tropical cyclone has dumped a huge amount of water in Queensland and it is working its way down the vast Murray-Darling river system. What will it mean for the Overflow and for the campers on the river bank?
Foundation Study Skills for High School Students
Foundation Study Skills for High School Students $29.95
‘Life is too good for bad study.’ Whether academically aspiring or focused on passing, all students want to get the most out of their study time. Yet while many assume the amount of time we spend studying has the biggest impact on results, it is actually the intensity of our effort that reaps the greatest rewards. Aimed at high school students in years 7 to 9, Foundational Study Skills for High School Students reveals the 8 superhabits of study that will maximise the impact of your learning and take your performance to the next level. In this book, experienced teacher and author Scott Francis explores a range of high-performance learning strategies – from the power of purposeful planning and practice questions to the secrets of single-tasking and spaced practice – to supercharge your study and help you achieve your full potential. By putting these superhabits into practice, you will become more efficient as a student and have more time to enjoy the other great things in life. After all, life is too good for bad study!  
Game Changers
Game Changers $59.95
The world is changing – and rapidly. If we want to foster young people’s ability to learn, live, lead and work in that changing world, the way we approach education and leadership in schools must change too.  In Game Changers: Leading Today’s Learning for Tomorrow’s World, Philip Cummins and Adriano Di Prato distil years of professional practice and research into a roadmap for leadership that changes the game of school. Centring the character and purpose of leaders in education, Cummins and Di Prato make the case for leadership that strengthens, informs, orientates, focuses, aligns and enriches – courageous leadership that prepares the young people in our care for the world they will inhabit tomorrow.  Featuring insights from dozens of game changers innovating the character, purpose and future of education, Game Changers: Leading Today’s Learning for Tomorrow’s World will challenge, inspire and change you.
Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning
Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning $44.95
Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning introduces a transformative framework that uses a structured view of teaching and learning in Christian schools. This ‘gospel-inspired’ framework helps teachers to create meaningful and nurturing lessons that provide students with the tools and capabilities to flourish and experience life in all its fullness in alignment with God’s vision. The framework emphasises important facets of the educational process, such as fostering meaningful relationships, supporting and inspiring learning, making education accessible and engaging, unveiling the beauty of God’s creation, modelling Christian virtues, encouraging excellence and nurturing individual God-given gifts. Upon joining a missional Christian school, teachers embark on a profound journey of discovery, serving within a community and worshiping together. This journey involves personal and professional growth, aligning one’s gifts with God’s plans. It is hoped that the ‘gospel-inspired’ approach will be embraced and valued by educators and school leaders in Christian schools – and ultimately enrich the learning experience for students and their families.
Grammar in its place
Grammar in its place $42.95
Grammar in its place tackles the two questions most asked by teachers: How do I teach grammar? What grammatical features do I include in my teaching? Part A of this book presents a variety of text types and the grammatical features that are associated with each one. It demonstrates how to use these text types to give purpose to the students’ writing and meaning to the teaching of grammar. Part B deals with the knowledge, understandings and the terms used in traditional and functional grammar. This section covers parts of speech, sentences, phrases, clauses, noun groups and punctuation. This book is packed with activities, and the authors show teachers how to implement strategies that will integrate the knowledge and the function of grammar into all areas of the school curriculum. Some activities focus on the needs of individuals while other activities can be used as the basis for class lessons. The methodology suggested in Grammar in its place encourages students to realise that a sound knowledge of grammar is essential for clear, concise and effective communication.
Grammar Skills Handbook
Grammar Skills Handbook $29.95
“Grammar exists to make communication easier.” Learning how to improve and master grammar and punctuation may seem tedious and challenging, but it will ultimately determine how you learn English. Despite the multitude of AI tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly that can help you with checking grammar, these tools can only help you so far to form the foundation of communication. Your own knowledge, and what you learn about English and writing it, will determine the quality, style and voice of your own creativity. Welcome to this handbook, designed to help you to develop the knowledge and skills to improve your grammar and punctuation. Aimed at high school students, Grammar Skills Handbook delves into the fundamentals of grammar, such as phrases, clauses, groups, punctuation, open-class words and closed-class words. Through getting a good grasp of grammar, you will unravel the different layers of grammar, starting with understanding the patterns of language, the parts of speech, and lastly, the essential element of written language, also known as the sentence. Knowing how written English works is at the mind and heart of writing and reading.
Grammar Skills Handbook
Grammar Skills Handbook $29.95
Grammar is not just a set of rules; it's the roadmap to clarity and expression. In a world where AI tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly offer assistance, mastering grammar lays the foundation for effective communication and personal style. This advanced Grammar Skills Handbook is tailored for high school students, and it dives deep into the essentials: style, vocabulary and more. Master the mysteries of grammar, and unlock the secrets of language, writing and reading. This book will elevate any student’s English skills and their creative voice.
Gratitude Practices for Teachers
Gratitude Practices for Teachers $32.95
The pressures of our job as teachers are enormous. Often time-poor, overworked and underappreciated, we must also manage complex relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. These are human problems – and human problems require human solutions. Gratitude Practices for Teachers is a guide for educators and leaders navigating the daily challenges of teaching. Far from recycling simplistic gratitude platitudes, Dr Kerry Howells and Dr Jo Lucas offer a series of deep gratitude practices educators can use straightaway to create meaningful change. With chapters addressing problems such as exhaustion, toxic staff relationships, perfectionism and angry students, this book is a go-to guide to support educators through everyday difficulties.  Whatever your challenges are right now, discover how you can grow your resilience, nurture robust and respectful relationships, and replenish your joy and passion for education by practising deep gratitude. 

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