Grounded $39.95
Grounded is a beacon of wisdom for parents navigating the complex landscape of modern childhood. Drawing on their extensive research and personal experiences as parents and educators, the authors have crafted a comprehensive guide that transcends age boundaries, offering practical insights from infancy to adolescence. Grounded provides a user-friendly introduction to neurological development and highlights that a parent’s wellbeing is integral to supporting their children effectively. Rooted in neuroscience, psychology and education, it serves as a roadmap in parents’ journey to foster optimal cognitive, emotional and physiological growth for their children. Informed by a blend of academic rigour and real-world parenting, this ground-breaking book challenges prevailing norms and calls for discernment in assessing home environments, schools, and the broader societal context. It is a call to action for parents who aspire to raise children who are not just academically successful, but resilient, happy and healthy – and well prepared to navigate an increasingly complex world.
Talking Sex
Talking Sex $29.95
In Talking Sex, Vanessa Hamilton fearlessly explores the complex topic of human sexuality. Drawing from extensive experience and contemporary research, this groundbreaking book challenges readers to reconsider outdated beliefs about sex and sexuality education. It’s packed with conversation starters, tips and strategies to empower adults to provide the accurate, comprehensive, age-appropriate information children need for a fulfilling and safe journey through life. Talking Sex covers a variety of topics including sexual safety, diversity, reproduction, pleasure, consent and sexual health — because, after all, most conversations about human sexuality have hardly anything to do with what we commonly think of as ‘sex’.   Your children are getting a sexuality education every day from the world around them. But is it the one you want them to receive? Who do you want to tell your child about each topic related to sex, human sexuality, consent and respect? Hopefully the answer is you. Children don’t need ‘sex ed’, they need sexuality education, information and conversations. Become the askable and tellable adult that children need you to be.
Becoming Autistic
Becoming Autistic $39.95
In this provocative and informative book, Drs Rachael Sharman and Michael C. Nagel take the reader on a journey where nature and nurture intersect. Becoming Autistic reflects the concerns of the authors and numerous neuroscientists around the world that environmental impacts, like too much screen time and the lack of socialisation, have neurological consequences on the developing brain. The consequences of developmental changes in young people due to screen use are increasingly being expressed as psychological and behavioural changes that very much resemble known disorders such as autism spectrum disorder or virtual autism. This important book explores the pervasive impact of technology on the developing brains of young people. It raises questions regarding the trajectory of a generation that may be underdeveloped in aspects of interpersonal skills. Importantly, the authors offer practical ideas for ideas for correcting and changing the current course for many young people, so that subsequent generations can reshape the social norms and expectations of society and set new standards for a healthier outlook.  
Creating Connections
Creating Connections $42.95
Rachel Stewart is a parent engagement specialist and mother of three. In Creating Connections: Inspire your child to thrive in their learning, Rachel explores the vital role of parents (and carers) in their children’s education, in particular during the transition to learning at school. With touching anecdotes from her own life, Rachel describes how the adults who care for children can learn alongside them - with children, families and teachers forming a powerful learning team. With a focus on compassion - for self and for others - Rachel encourages parents to reflect on their life and grow their awareness of how their experiences might influence their parenting style. She encourages a close relationship between parents and teachers for the benefit of the child and invites parents to build a relationship with their children that encourages a love for learning and growth as unique individuals. Importantly, Rachel explains how to stay connected while letting go. Creating Connections provides the support and affirmation craved by any parent who has wondered if they are doing a good job.  
Oh Boy!
Oh Boy! $39.95
What’s really going on inside the head of a boy?What can neuroscience teach us about educating and raising boys? This engaging book takes a close look at the male brain – how it develops, and how it is different – and the crucial role it plays in how a boy thinks, learns and engages with the world. Moving past the ‘boys will be boys’ dictum, neuroscientist Dr Michael C. Nagel gives us a guided tour of a boys’ brain, and explains how differences in structure and neurochemistry impact their behaviour, learning, emotions and bodies. Exploring aggression, learning difficulties, behaviour, emotional problems, toxic masculinity and the challenges of technology, Nagel offers solutions and ideas for parents and teachers. Drawing on the latest research, Nagel applies neuroscientific insight to the common problems boys face, and argues that by understanding why boys do what they do, we can better work with them to increase their wellbeing and educational outcomes.  
It's a Girl Thing
It's a Girl Thing $39.95
Ever wondered what makes a girl tick? What's really going on inside the head of a girl? What can neuroscience teach us about educating and raising girls?This engaging book takes a close look at the female brain—how it develops, and how it is different—and the crucial role it plays in how a girl thinks, learns and engages with the world.Using the latest neuroscientific research, Dr Michael C. Nagel explores the neurological differences that exist between boys and girls, and how this shapes their behaviour, learning, growth and development. Exploring female aggression, self-esteem, relationships, emotional problems, peer-contagion and the challenges of technology, Nagel offers solutions and ideas for parents and teachers.Drawing on the latest research, Nagel applies neuroscientific insight to the common problems girls face, and argues that by understanding why girls do what they do, we can better work with them to increase their wellbeing and educational outcomes.  
Connecting with Your Kids
Connecting with Your Kids $32.95
'Andy McNeilly has written a humble, human and practical guide for anyone wanting to be "a good enough parent." As his "good enough father," I continue to be sustained by his generosity and our mutual connection. In this compact book, Andy offers simple and fun opportunities for families to explore and learn together, skills that will lead to a fuller and more satisfying life, for children and their parent. You'll be glad you read this book. I know I was.' Robert B McNeilly MBBS, CET, The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania   Have you noticed that some families seem to be like a happy party just walking along, and others are kind of tense and awkward? How some parents and kids seem to get along really well, and others are awkward and negative, reduced to just sharp commands to "hurry up" or "don't touch that." It's not that one kind of parent doesn't love their kids just as much or work just as hard to feed and clothe and care for them, but more that they may not have found ways to be close, have fun, and share good times. Connection with our kids isn't some mystical thing, it's made up of shared activities and memories, often not the expensive ones but just stuff that happened. Andy McNeilly realised early in his work as a primary teacher (and dad) that not all kids get along with their parents very well, and not all parents know what to do to have good times with their children. After all, what's the point of feeding, clothing and caring for kids if you still just don't get along, and they don't feel close to you and able to trust you. If they grow into teens, and then adults, who don't have much connection to you, and just drift away. How sad would that be? The secret that Andy is happy to share is that there are thousands of things you can do with your kids, which are fun and helpful to building a good relationship. Don't be daunted by that, or by the pages of this book, into feeling that's just too much. This is a RECIPE book. Just one tasty "meal" from the activities in here can give you a really great time. Half a dozen of those might be all you need for a year! And because our minds are good at knowing what works for us, just trust yourself to pick out one or two and make a start. You'll get your money's worth if even one of these ideas takes off with you and your children. Sometimes as a parent, you feel stuck. Stuck for what to do, or what to say, or how to act. It's a terrible feeling, knowing there is something wise or clever or helpful needed, and you just don't know what that is. These activities unstick you. You start to get more creative, and inventive, and get into a nice flow with your kids that spreads to other parts of your family's life. When I think back to my childhood sixty years ago (yes, shocking aye? And I look so YOUNG) I remember fun times with my mum or dad, doing stuff and feeling that the world and life were a wonderful place. Activities, conversations, projects, games, that are simple and may not even cost a cent. Have fun with this book! Dive in somewhere, grab an idea, and give it a go. WarmestSteve Biddulph
Connecting with Your Teens
Connecting with Your Teens $34.95
Connecting with Your Teens is a simple, practical, down-to-earth guide for all parents and teachers who want to bond with their teenagers while also helping them to develop important life skills. This fun and effective book contains chapters that can be followed chronologically throughout the year, or by selecting a ‘life skill’ that may need to be learnt. Each chapter explores different understandings of these life skills, offers fun and engaging activities to develop these skills as a family and includes personal narratives relating to each life skill. Learning these skills will not only help your teen navigate the sometimes-tricky stages of adolescent life but ultimately thrive through the rest of their lives to come. A very useful resource for all families. - Gail McHardy, CEO, Parents Victoria Inc. Smart. Concise. Practical. This will make a difference. - Dr Justin Coulson, Parenting Expert and Author Essential reading for any teen parent. - Fergus Watts, Chairman, Reach Foundation
Connecting with ...
Connecting with ... $64.95
Get the two books in this series in this special bundle.
Are You Ready for School?
Are You Ready for School? $34.95
Are you thinking of enrolling your child into school next year? You might have heard the term ‘school readiness’ – but what does it really mean? Starting school is a big step for all children and their parents. In this book, experienced primary school principal, Andrew Oberthur, provides a detailed roadmap of how you, your child and the school can make the move into primary school a successful one for everyone. Andrew uses personal stories, coupled with knowledge from some of Australia’s leading educators and parenting experts to provide genuine insight into getting your child ‘school ready’. Full of communication tips and insights into how schools operate and how to navigate issues that could eventuate. It also explores current issues like remote learning and technology to help parents and their children be prepared for the new and exciting world of primary school.ReviewsA strong resource for parents and teachers! I’ll certainly be recommending it on my school travels.- Madonna King, journalist and author of Ten-Ager I think the trio of key concepts—trust-collaboration-enquiry is dynamite. I found this very helpful for any relationship.- Steve Biddulph, psychologist and author of Raising Boys and Raising Girls The warm, reassuring, and personal advice from Andrew in his book is extremely helpful. We are not all created expert parents and it is good to know how to make decisions at this time. A lot of parents I know fret about the decisions.- Dr Matthew McLean, parent Starting school is an exciting, yet daunting time for children transitioning from kindergarten to primary school. Equally, parents also go through a similar transition, with mixed emotions of anxiety and joy knowing their child will foster new friendships and enter a new learning environment. Andrew Oberthur’s book is aimed at squashing some of those trepidations and understanding your role as a parent to collaborate with the teachers and the Principal.- Richard and Katrina Kretschmer, parents.

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