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Educate to Self-Regulate
Educate to Self-Regulate $39.95
Dive into the definitive guide to nurturing self-regulated learners with Educate to Self-Regulate. Drawing from extensive teaching experience, research studies and school partnerships, Dr Shyam Barr presents evidence-informed strategies to empower both educators and students on the path to lifelong success. Through three comprehensive parts, the book navigates from laying the foundations of self-regulated learning to practical classroom implementation and leadership initiatives. It is an essential roadmap for teachers to identify barriers to students’ self-regulated learning and apply effective teaching approaches. Unlock the secrets to fostering self-regulated learners with Barr's expertise, equipping yourself with the tools to cultivate autonomy, resilience, and academic excellence in your students. Whether you're a seasoned educator or a newcomer to the field, this book provides invaluable insights and actionable steps to transform your teaching practice and empower students for success in an ever-changing world.
The Leadership Game
The Leadership Game $34.95
School leadership is akin to a gladiatorial arena: it takes courage to enter and compete. Acclaimed principal Dr Damien Barry is here to give you the weapons you need to win every battle. Schools are grappling with staffing issues, youth mental illness and a crowded curriculum against a backdrop of social, political and economic pressures. Shelves are littered with books on leadership, yet few of these books provide practical step-by-step advice. The Leadership Game is your ultimate guide to becoming the leader that every school needs. It will help school leaders of all kinds, as well as teachers aspiring to leadership. How prepared are you to enter the school leadership arena?
Guerrilla Tactics for Teachers
Guerrilla Tactics for Teachers $39.95
Guerrilla Tactics for Teachers is a life-saving, career-preserving, sanity-building guide for teachers. Based on over 30 years of research, it is an essential collection of behaviour management and learning enhancement strategies that will help educators at any stage of their career. These are the methods that will help educators create and maintain calm classrooms that enable students to learn effectively, achieve great results, and still have a life. It provides the secret knowledge of survival in a sector that loses many great teachers to other careers when they decide it is too hard and walk away.
The Connection Curriculum
The Connection Curriculum $39.95
The Connection Curriculum challenges the status quo in education, arguing that a lack of genuine connection is harming students and communities. Drawing on extensive research, Matt Pitman explores the essential role of connection in fostering academic achievement and student wellbeing. Through candid reflections and practical insights, educators are invited to rethink traditional approaches and embrace sustainable strategies for building whole-school connectedness. Divided into three parts, this book delves into understanding connection, building sustainable practices and maintaining connection over time. It focuses on collective leadership and community engagement to equip educators with the tools and inspiration to embark on the journey towards creating truly connected communities. Whether you are a teacher, school leader or community member seeking to revolutionise your school culture or promote positive change in your organisation, The Connection Curriculum provides the path to make it happen.
Semi-Educated $32.95
‘Everyone knows everything about teachers. They can tell you about their holidays (too long), their days (too short), their whinging (too much), their job (too easy), and their personalities (too bossy). I thought I knew what I was doing when I retrained as a teacher as part of my mid-life crisis. I. Had. No. Idea.’ Georgie wanted to make a difference and do some good in the world. She decided that becoming an English teacher was the perfect solution. She could impart her love of literature to the impressionable young minds of tomorrow as a ‘mature-age’ high-school teacher. Not to mention enjoying the perks of working 9 to 3 five days a week! She had survived years of law, government offices and hobby farming, combined with hand-rearing her own children, so how hard could teaching really be? Well, quite hard as it turned out. Quite hard indeed. A must for teachers, educators, parents and anyone who appreciates dark humour! Read Chapter 1 here.
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