Now You Are a Principal


Now You Are a Principal

Navigating the Leadership Labyrinth

By Dr Paul Teys

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Dr Paul Teys’ follow-up book, Now You Are a Principal, is an exploration of educational leadership, drawn from over four decades of experience, including 24 years as a principal across four schools in three states. Through a blend of personal anecdotes and practical advice, Dr Teys guides readers in creating a wellbeing-centred culture, navigating school governance and driving innovation while honouring tradition.

Rooted in the belief that leadership is about more than managing, Dr Teys’ book emphasises visionary and empathetic leadership. Reflecting on his journey through financial challenges, crises, and the evolving educational landscape, Teys underscores the importance of transparent communication and ethical decision-making. This book is not just a guide but an invitation to redefine educational leadership, empowering principals to transform their schools into centres of excellence.

Whether stepping into principalship for the first time or seeking to deepen existing practices, readers will find this book an invaluable companion on their journey to shaping impactful and enduring legacies in education.

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