All or Nothing: Book 1
All or Nothing: Book 1 $12.95
Billy Kool was an ordinary boy until he was thrust into the life of an extreme sports TV celebrity. Billy finds an advertisement for a competition. A production studio is looking for hosts for a new reality TV show about extreme sports. Billy, as well as his friends Sally and Nathan, decide to try and win. It’s all or nothing. Will they make it? At the end of the book, there is an extreme information section detailing the origins of extreme sports as well as a glossary. Part of an 8-book series, the Billy Kool books are informative, empathetic and exciting; targeted to readers and reluctant readers alike ages 8-11 years.   Teacher Notes here. 
Architect $13.95
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an architect? In this book from the Real People, Real Careers series, we follow Gerard on his journey from student to owner of two architecture businesses. On the way, you’ll read all about what Gerard does each day, see pictures of his creations, and learn some interesting facts about his job as well as key terms that will help you to better understand the world of work.
Are You Ready for School?
Are You Ready for School? $34.95
Are you thinking of enrolling your child into school next year? You might have heard the term ‘school readiness’ – but what does it really mean? Starting school is a big step for all children and their parents. In this book, experienced primary school principal, Andrew Oberthur, provides a detailed roadmap of how you, your child and the school can make the move into primary school a successful one for everyone. Andrew uses personal stories, coupled with knowledge from some of Australia’s leading educators and parenting experts to provide genuine insight into getting your child ‘school ready’. Full of communication tips and insights into how schools operate and how to navigate issues that could eventuate. It also explores current issues like remote learning and technology to help parents and their children be prepared for the new and exciting world of primary school.ReviewsA strong resource for parents and teachers! I’ll certainly be recommending it on my school travels.- Madonna King, journalist and author of Ten-Ager I think the trio of key concepts—trust-collaboration-enquiry is dynamite. I found this very helpful for any relationship.- Steve Biddulph, psychologist and author of Raising Boys and Raising Girls The warm, reassuring, and personal advice from Andrew in his book is extremely helpful. We are not all created expert parents and it is good to know how to make decisions at this time. A lot of parents I know fret about the decisions.- Dr Matthew McLean, parent Starting school is an exciting, yet daunting time for children transitioning from kindergarten to primary school. Equally, parents also go through a similar transition, with mixed emotions of anxiety and joy knowing their child will foster new friendships and enter a new learning environment. Andrew Oberthur’s book is aimed at squashing some of those trepidations and understanding your role as a parent to collaborate with the teachers and the Principal.- Richard and Katrina Kretschmer, parents.
Ask the Animals
Ask the Animals $29.95
Ask the Animals aims to encourage the natural curiosity of young children. Unfortunately curiosity in a child’s early years weakens with time, and during school they become accustomed to mainly seeking correct answers to questions asked by their teachers. Curiosity involves asking questions about something which you know little about. These questions usually start with WHY or HOW and help children to gain knowledge of their own accord. In this book 16 animals are introduced with an illustration and a fun rhyming poem, and are followed by a range of WHY and HOW questions to strengthen curious thinking. Ask the Animals shows young children the importance of asking questions and develops their critical and creative thinking.   Download the animal templates here  
Asserting a Culture of Child Safety
Asserting a Culture of Child Safety $44.95
Child protection training, undertaken by educators, maintains a general knowledge of what to do if concerns arise. The purpose of this book is to help the early childhood sector to be working from a position of earlier identification and prevention. This book is a step-by-step guide to champion children’s safety and wellbeing. As a practical tool, it will give clarification and confidence about what to do to create a culture of child safety at your education and care organisation.   Praise for this book: This book is a must-have for every early childhood professional’s bookshelf. Nicole takes a confronting topic and turns it into something real, something tangible, something not so scary. Full of practical examples, links to reputable resources and opportunities for reflection on current thinking and practice makes this book a useful resource for early childhood professionals at all stages of their career.- Sarah Louise Gandolfo, Professional learning project coordinator, Early Childhood Australia The topic has so many layers to unpick, so everything in it is important. I would definitely use it as a resource when needing further clarification. So very proud of the passionate and hardworking advocate she has become and continues to be as she explores and gains new knowledge to share with us all. - Karryn Grunden, Early childhood teacher Congratulations on your phenomenal book. The early years sector will really benefit from your hard work. We must start teaching protective education from the age of three at the latest, and your brilliant book will definitely help.- Holly-ann Martin OAM, Child abuse prevention education specialist The most valuable resource an early childhood educator can have right now is this book. A powerfully written text that provides not only a detailed yet easy-to-read summary of all Child Safe Standards, but cleverly and importantly a working document. This book allows educators and all those within our community to understand, to reflect and to be better when considering best practice. - Michelle Smith, Early childhood teacher I really enjoy your writing style and choice of language and expression. I only had to google one word to find its meaning! I loved it. You write beautifully.- Susie Rosback, Owner early childhood centre I believe that everyone will benefit from reading this and working through the suggestions, ideas and helpful/practical supports you have provided. As I read through your book, I created an extended version of a Quality Improvement Plan for Child Safe Standards. You have supported me to achieve a quality benchmark to implement all of the Standards.- Lorrelle Orrman, Early childhood director
Authorpreneurship $34.95
Authorpreneurship is about investing in your creativity to increase your professional opportunities.Today, a creator needs to be an ‘authorpreneur’: an originator and an entrepreneur. Apart from crafting words and books, or other creative work for specific audiences, this means learning the marketing, publicity, technological, legal and entrepreneurial skills to establish and maintain self-employment in the business of ideas.The creator is the brand, which is overwhelming, if there’s only you.This book offers strategies for beginners, mid-career and highly experienced creators needing to adapt to a fast-changing, digital, global industry. It’s about sharing ideas so you can work effectively at what you most enjoy creating, and providing ways to help sell your work for longer, in varied new formats and to larger audiences. Great ideas won’t reach audiences unless the creators can stay in business and survive financially.
Balance $39.95
The roles and responsibilities of educators grow more complex every year. School leaders and teachers are tasked with creating high-performing schools that foster a culture of trust, collaboration and enquiry for students, parents and staff – all while working within prescribed protocols of safety, equity, transparency and fiscal responsibility. How do they do it? There’s no simple solution, but balance is the key. Andrew Oberthur draws on his rich experience as a principal and teacher to unpack a range of scenarios where a balance must be struck between following the rules and building relationships. His insights on ethical and courageous leadership – including when to follow and when to flex – offer new and experienced educators a proven framework for difficult decision-making. Exploring real-life dilemmas of communication, enrolment, staffing, budgeting, behaviour management, parent-teacher relationships, managing through uncertainty and more, Balance provides tested strategies for navigating the system’s myriad rules and regulations while building positive relationships and improving outcomes for all students.     Praise for this book: Andrew Oberthur has done it again. He has taken on one of the world’s most complex and challenging human dynamics: how do we manage the relationships of teachers, parents and primary school students to produce a significant improvement in our educational outcomes?Allan Parker OAM, behavioural scientist and international negotiator This book puts all the everyday decisions of a school leader into a real and raw perspective we can all relate to. I wish I had the book when I first became a principal.Gabrielle Hansen, Head of Department – Curriculum
Bank Manager
Bank Manager $13.95
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bank manager? In this book from the Real People, Real Careers series, we follow Joe on his journey from bank teller to branch manager. On the way, you’ll read all about what Joe does each day, see pictures of his office, and learn some interesting facts about his job as well as key terms that will help you to better understand the world of work.
Become a Better Thinker
Become a Better Thinker $39.95
Good thinkers are 4P thinkers. The international bestseller, Become A Better Thinker, focuses on ways of improving the 4Ps. Positivity for better attention to a task Pattern seeking for identifying key elements Probing for asking yourself helpful questions Picturing for summarising key words and their connections Become a Better Thinker contains examples, strategies, and tests for improving the 4Ps. Aiming to examine, support and improve the creative and critical thinking skills of teachers and their students in order to help all learners think better in our rapidly evolving world. Revised and updated, this book is now in its fourth edition.     Download PDF of the tests from this book to use: The Langrehr Test of Creative ThinkingThe Langrehr Test of Critical ThinkingThe Langrehr Test of Early Childhood Thinking
Becoming Autistic
Becoming Autistic $39.95
In this provocative and informative book, Drs Rachael Sharman and Michael C. Nagel take the reader on a journey where nature and nurture intersect. Becoming Autistic reflects the concerns of the authors and numerous neuroscientists around the world that environmental impacts, like too much screen time and the lack of socialisation, have neurological consequences on the developing brain. The consequences of developmental changes in young people due to screen use are increasingly being expressed as psychological and behavioural changes that very much resemble known disorders such as autism spectrum disorder or virtual autism. This important book explores the pervasive impact of technology on the developing brains of young people. It raises questions regarding the trajectory of a generation that may be underdeveloped in aspects of interpersonal skills. Importantly, the authors offer practical ideas for ideas for correcting and changing the current course for many young people, so that subsequent generations can reshape the social norms and expectations of society and set new standards for a healthier outlook.  
Bully Blocking: Empowering students to manage bullying
Bully Blocking: Empowering students to manage bullying $42.95
Every child has a right to a life where they’re respected for who they are and have friends who value them. This insightful and practical guide delves deep into the complex issue of school bullying. Completely revised and updated, this edition of Field’s best-selling resource explains what bullying is, the injuries and trauma it inflicts, the underlying reasons behind it and the need for more effective interventions. Field presents valuable tools and tactics that busy teachers, parents and counsellors can use to empower students to effectively manage bullying. These skills and strategies can be applied in various contexts, whether by mental health professionals, educators, parents, or even peers who want to support bullied students. Despite the seemingly daunting nature of school bullying, Bully Blocking offers hope and a path forward. Field's evidence-based approach and practical solutions make this book an essential resource for anyone looking to help students navigate the challenging terrain of bullying, equipping them with the social survival skills they need to thrive in today's complex social landscapes.
Bungy Jumping: Book 3
Bungy Jumping: Book 3 $12.95
Billy Kool was an ordinary boy until he was thrust into the life of an extreme sports TV celebrity. In this book, Billy, and his friends Sally and Nathan are onto their third adventure; Bungy jumping! Billy, still riding on the high of white-water rafting, is finding school a drag. The only thing that keeps him excited is the idea of bungy jumping on the weekend. However, Billy and Nathan are both scared of heights! Billy pops his first pimple and then attends the school dance, where he dances with his crush, Crystal. After this courageous act, he moves on to an even scarier one. The most extreme sport yet; Bungy jumping. Packed with exciting information, a glossary and a description of the equipment used when bungy jumping, as well as great images, this book will appeal to readers and reluctant readers alike aged 8-11 years.   Teacher Notes here. 
Career Planning Handbook
Career Planning Handbook $29.95
In a world where careers are evolving faster than ever, Danielle Flack’s Career Planning Handbook is a high school student’s compass for navigating the complex terrain of work life. Each chapter is a roadmap to self-discovery and professional growth, and will help you learn to redefine traditional career paradigms and unleash your full potential. Dive into the fundamentals of career planning, from exploring identity to setting ambitious goals and bringing dreams to life. With practical exercises and expert advice, you will learn to harness the power of your brain, visualise aspirations and take proactive steps towards your ideal career. Whether considering study options or ready to dive into the workforce, this handbook equips you with the tools to reflect, evaluate and adapt as you forge your path to success.
Cheesy Business
Cheesy Business $12.95
Join Clancy and Little Billy on a cheesy adventure. Mum decides to set up a new business on the Overflow. Big Bill calls it ‘diversification’. But getting a pregnant cow and making cheese proves to be much more than curds and whey. After much trial and tribulation, and with the help of our two heroes, Mum’s cheese is a great success – it’s even ‘gouda nuff to eat’!
Chookshed Blues
Chookshed Blues $12.95
Welcome to the Clancy of the Outback series. Eleven-year-old Clancy has been thrust into life out woop-woop. These are the stories of his outback adventures at his uncle’s sheep station, Overflow Station. In this book, Dad decides to build a chook house with encouragement from Mum. Big Bill’s ute is used to bring in the wood and corrugated iron and wire netting for the chookhouse. Dad and Clancy build it and ensure that the run is protected from foxes. Dad’s chook house is a bit shakey. Dad and Clancy buy the chickens at the Farmers’ Market. The trouble starts when a large fox gets into the chook yard and Clancy and Mum notice that the chooks are very big and growing very fast. Eventually Big Bill works out what’s wrong but the annual school Christmas fete is a great success. At the conclusion of this book there is an Outback Facts section which provides information about foxes and dingoes, there is a Les Murray poem, The Young Fox and the all-important, Outback Jokes section.   Download the teacher notes here
City Slicker
City Slicker $12.95
Welcome to the Clancy of the Outback series. Eleven-year-old Clancy has been thrust into life out woop-woop. These are the stories of his outback adventures at his uncle’s sheep station, Overflow Station. In this book, we are introduced Brutus and Butters Clancy and Little Bill’s dogs. Clancy has a lot to learn, and Little Bill makes sure he begins to understand the rules of country living. She takes Clancy for a tour of the property in the old ute and when they are a distance away from the homestead, she lets Clancy take control of the vehicle. The result is disastrous when Clancy mistakes the accelerator for the brake. The ute is undriveable and so they must walk back to the homestead. Clancy is exhausted and goes to bed straight after dinner. He has a nightmare about being a racing car driver. At the conclusion of this book there is an Outback Facts section on the Darling River, a Henry Lawson type poem about Clancy of the Overflow and a page of Outback Jokes. Download the teacher notes here
Clancy of the Outback Series – 4 Book Pack
Clancy of the Outback Series – 4 Book Pack $47.95
Welcome to the Clancy of the Outback series. Eleven-year old Clancy, has been thrust into life out woop-woop. These are his stories of his outback adventures at his uncle’s sheep station, Overflow Station. There are two 4-book packs available depending on when you joined us on Clancy's adventures. Season 1 City Slicker Chookshed Blues Roadkill Rescue Shearing Time Season 2 Horse Play Feral Frenzy Paddock Bomb Exploding Dunny     Season 1 teacher notes here Season 2 teachers notes here
Clancy of the Outback Series – 8 Book Set
Clancy of the Outback Series – 8 Book Set $94.95
Grab all 8 books of the Clancy of the Outback series at this set price.   Season 1 teacher notes here Season 2 teachers notes here
Classroom Dynamics
Classroom Dynamics $39.95
When you're dealing off-task student behaviour, you want teacher-tested strategies that work in real classrooms. You'll find a wealth of these tools in Classroom Dynamics by Glen Pearsall. Drawing from his experience helping schools address challenging student behaviours, Pearsall explores how to create positive learning environments, heighten engagement and maintain productive relationships with young people.  This book is ideal for K–12 teachers looking for concrete strategies that they can immediately implement in their classrooms. Incorporating recent research on effective classroom practice, Pearsall discusses how to quickly address low-level off-task behaviour before it becomes problematic – and how to de-escalate potential conflicts and address difficult behaviours when it does. Classroom Dynamics also helps teachers understand the reasons behind these disruptive behaviours, offering practical ways to quickly get to the heart of issues that might be affecting student learning. This revised edition includes a new chapter focusing on demand-avoidant behaviours where Pearsall guides educators in the subtleties of dealing sensitively with situations in which even low-level instruction might lead to an explosive response from the student.
Classroom Vibe
Classroom Vibe $34.95
Dr Timothy O’Leary is a firm believer that decisions about improvements, whether they be for a teacher or school, need to be based on fact, not fancy. In Classroom Vibe he uses data to demystify why some classrooms are primed for learning while others aren’t and explains why strategies for change in schools often fail. In breaking down the atmosphere of the classroom as experienced by the students – the ‘classroom vibe’ – he gives teachers practical steps for improving theirs. The author argues that when teachers focus their improvement efforts on the ‘vibe’ in each of their classrooms and school leaders focus on supporting their teachers in this endeavour, everyone benefits. He provides a clear framework that highlights how the culture of a classroom can determine whether important teaching strategies will succeed or fail.   Praise for this book:  The right vibe is felt by all, but hard to deconstruct. How to create it is what this book is all about — the deconstruction of the essence of memorable classrooms. John Hattie, education researcher and best-selling author of Visible Learning Tim O’Leary provides an honest, well-written, and thoughtful account of teaching accompanied by practical strategies that will equip classroom teachers with the tools they need to be successful. Jenni Donohoo, five-time best-selling author and professional learning facilitator
Connecting with ...
Connecting with ... $64.95
Get the two books in this series in this special bundle.
Connecting with Your Kids
Connecting with Your Kids $32.95
'Andy McNeilly has written a humble, human and practical guide for anyone wanting to be "a good enough parent." As his "good enough father," I continue to be sustained by his generosity and our mutual connection. In this compact book, Andy offers simple and fun opportunities for families to explore and learn together, skills that will lead to a fuller and more satisfying life, for children and their parent. You'll be glad you read this book. I know I was.' Robert B McNeilly MBBS, CET, The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania   Have you noticed that some families seem to be like a happy party just walking along, and others are kind of tense and awkward? How some parents and kids seem to get along really well, and others are awkward and negative, reduced to just sharp commands to "hurry up" or "don't touch that." It's not that one kind of parent doesn't love their kids just as much or work just as hard to feed and clothe and care for them, but more that they may not have found ways to be close, have fun, and share good times. Connection with our kids isn't some mystical thing, it's made up of shared activities and memories, often not the expensive ones but just stuff that happened. Andy McNeilly realised early in his work as a primary teacher (and dad) that not all kids get along with their parents very well, and not all parents know what to do to have good times with their children. After all, what's the point of feeding, clothing and caring for kids if you still just don't get along, and they don't feel close to you and able to trust you. If they grow into teens, and then adults, who don't have much connection to you, and just drift away. How sad would that be? The secret that Andy is happy to share is that there are thousands of things you can do with your kids, which are fun and helpful to building a good relationship. Don't be daunted by that, or by the pages of this book, into feeling that's just too much. This is a RECIPE book. Just one tasty "meal" from the activities in here can give you a really great time. Half a dozen of those might be all you need for a year! And because our minds are good at knowing what works for us, just trust yourself to pick out one or two and make a start. You'll get your money's worth if even one of these ideas takes off with you and your children. Sometimes as a parent, you feel stuck. Stuck for what to do, or what to say, or how to act. It's a terrible feeling, knowing there is something wise or clever or helpful needed, and you just don't know what that is. These activities unstick you. You start to get more creative, and inventive, and get into a nice flow with your kids that spreads to other parts of your family's life. When I think back to my childhood sixty years ago (yes, shocking aye? And I look so YOUNG) I remember fun times with my mum or dad, doing stuff and feeling that the world and life were a wonderful place. Activities, conversations, projects, games, that are simple and may not even cost a cent. Have fun with this book! Dive in somewhere, grab an idea, and give it a go. WarmestSteve Biddulph
Connecting with Your Teens
Connecting with Your Teens $34.95
Connecting with Your Teens is a simple, practical, down-to-earth guide for all parents and teachers who want to bond with their teenagers while also helping them to develop important life skills. This fun and effective book contains chapters that can be followed chronologically throughout the year, or by selecting a ‘life skill’ that may need to be learnt. Each chapter explores different understandings of these life skills, offers fun and engaging activities to develop these skills as a family and includes personal narratives relating to each life skill. Learning these skills will not only help your teen navigate the sometimes-tricky stages of adolescent life but ultimately thrive through the rest of their lives to come. A very useful resource for all families. - Gail McHardy, CEO, Parents Victoria Inc. Smart. Concise. Practical. This will make a difference. - Dr Justin Coulson, Parenting Expert and Author Essential reading for any teen parent. - Fergus Watts, Chairman, Reach Foundation
Creating an Australian School Literacy Policy
Creating an Australian School Literacy Policy $49.95
Creating an Australian School Literacy Policy: A Research-Informed Guide to Designing a Policy That Fits Your School by Dr Margaret K Merga is the new go-to guide for creating effective and holistic literacy policy. Drawing on extensive analysis of literacy policy documents from one hundred and sixty-six schools in Australia and the United Kingdom, Dr Merga evaluates in this essential resource what makes literary policies effective – and what can hold them back – to provide a comprehensive framework for developing or revising your whole-school literacy policy. Creating an Australian School Literacy Policy empowers K–12 school leaders, classroom teachers and library professionals to become literacy leaders and make a real impact on their school communities. With a focus on ensuring clarity, depth and quality in these crucial documents, Dr Merga’s ground-breaking guide offers you the opportunity to transform the teaching and learning of literacy with a whole-school literacy policy that meets your school’s unique needs and supports your students to achieve their goals.

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