Selena Fisk bundle
Selena Fisk bundle $174.95
Get Selena Fisk's 3 data books in this bundle.  Using and Analysing Data in Australian Schools - 2nd edition by Selena FiskLeading Data-Informed Change in Schools by Selena FiskData-Informed Learners: Engaging Students in Their Data Story by Selena Fisk
The Leadership Game
The Leadership Game $34.95
School leadership is akin to a gladiatorial arena: it takes courage to enter and compete. Acclaimed principal Dr Damien Barry is here to give you the weapons you need to win every battle. Schools are grappling with staffing issues, youth mental illness and a crowded curriculum against a backdrop of social, political and economic pressures. Shelves are littered with books on leadership, yet few of these books provide practical step-by-step advice. The Leadership Game is your ultimate guide to becoming the leader that every school needs. It will help school leaders of all kinds, as well as teachers aspiring to leadership.
Would you like maths with that?
Would you like maths with that? $54.95
Would you like maths with that? Improving numeracy in the primary years guides educators and school leaders through numeracy improvement with a focus on deeply understanding the difference between mathematics and numeracy, their relationship and the implication on teaching and pedagogy. Author and expert Thelma Perso takes a holistic approach to mathematics teaching, supporting readers to transform low-level learning into higher-order thinking in their classrooms to ensure all students can tackle mathematics with confidence. With a thorough and knowledgeable approach, Thelma lays the foundations for teachers, school leaders and school communities to enhance their numeracy pedagogies and, in turn, improve the numeracy capabilities of their students. Starting with numeracy definitions and how to teach mathematics for numeracy attainment through to intervention, extension and assessment, the chapters support readers through the whole numeracy improvement journey. Would you like maths with that?, along with the online resources developed for individual educators and schools to assess their current numeracy positions, show how it is not only possible but necessary to improve student numeracy achievement regardless of educator, subject area and student capability. Would you like maths with that? will empower educators to teach mathematics in engaging and effective ways that teach students to use mathematics confidently to meet the needs of their everyday lives.   Download the resources and templates from the book here.
Time to Write
Time to Write $49.95
I don’t have any ideas.’ ‘How do I set the scene?’ ‘This is too hard!’ Heard any of those before? What if there was a way to nurture our students’ imaginations, confidence and creative problem-solving capabilities while building the essential writing skills that will set them up for success across the curriculum? In Time to Write: A Powerful Writing Practice for Your Classroom Beth Cregan calls on her own extensive writing and teaching experience to deliver a framework for a classroom writing practice that does just that. Supported by over thirty classroom-ready activities to power-up your writing program in fifteen-minute blocks, the strategies set out in Time to Write will enable you to meet students where they are, encourage reflective practices and build a community of empowered, independent writers. The result is a class that hums with creative energy. It’s time to flip the script on what it means to write and be creative – to maximise the creative potential of the students in your classroom and draw out the confident writers within. All you need is fifteen minutes, something to write with and a sense of curiosity. What are you waiting for? It’s time to write!   Access the resources and templates from the book here
Outdoor Education at School
Outdoor Education at School $39.95
Outdoor Education at School contains sets of practical activities and problem-solving lessons for primary school students. Designed to be done completely within the school grounds and with minimal amount of equipment, these lessons and activities will appeal to the teacher who has little experience in outdoor education and will act as a valuable resource to the experts in the field. The contents are based not only on learning in the outdoors but on learning about and for the outdoors. Specific topics covered include: Environmental studies Initiative games Navigation Bushcraft Mapping Students will enjoy the variety of topics covered while learning skills in personal development, self-esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership and cooperation. The lessons are not organised in year levels but in developmental progression from simple and introductory to complex.  

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