Workplays $34.95
Workplays provides school to work transition play scripts and activities for secondary school students. This approach provides students with a realistic understanding of a variety of professions, trades and careers, fosters collaboration between subjects and develops essential skills for the workplace world. This second edition of Hazel Edwards’ well-loved and used teacher resource, highlights the practicality of integrating plays and simulated workplace experiences in schools in addition, or in lieu of work placements. Multiple play scripts, activities and discussion points provide for all level of reading skills. The book advocates for the value of incorporating simulated workplace experiences, offering a practical and inclusive skills approach to preparing students for future work.
Educate to Self-Regulate
Educate to Self-Regulate $39.95
Dive into the definitive guide to nurturing self-regulated learners with Educate to Self-Regulate. Drawing from extensive teaching experience, research studies and school partnerships, Dr Shyam Barr presents evidence-informed strategies to empower both educators and students on the path to lifelong success. Through three comprehensive parts, the book navigates from laying the foundations of self-regulated learning to practical classroom implementation and leadership initiatives. It is an essential roadmap for teachers to identify barriers to students’ self-regulated learning and apply effective teaching approaches. Unlock the secrets to fostering self-regulated learners with Barr's expertise, equipping yourself with the tools to cultivate autonomy, resilience, and academic excellence in your students. Whether you're a seasoned educator or a newcomer to the field, this book provides invaluable insights and actionable steps to transform your teaching practice and empower students for success in an ever-changing world.
Neurodevelopmental Differentiation
Neurodevelopmental Differentiation $49.95
As classroom teachers know firsthand, it is critical for K–12 students to be able to extend their learning. But expecting all students to attain the same performance via generalized instruction is unrealistic. Educators must honor and leverage students’ unique learning strengths to support students and expand their possibilities for success. In Neurodevelopmental Differentiation: Optimizing Brain Systems to Maximize Learning, authors Andrew Fuller and Lucy Fuller explain that by understanding the brain’s eight information-processing systems—(1) spatial reasoning, (2) perceptual and motor skills, (3) concentration and memory, (4) planning and sequencing, (5) thinking and logic, (6) people smarts, (7) language and word smarts, and (8) number smarts—educators can help students apply their processing strengths to areas that challenge them using individualized learning plans. With this approach, learners’ growth is limitless. Readers will: Study the eight brain information-processing systems and understand how developing strengths in these areas increases academic success Discover how to identify students’ learning strengths and blockages Learn how to develop individualized learning plans to fit the needs of all students Review templates for recording and tracking student progress Contemplate reflective questions on the eight brain areas to determine next steps in their classrooms
Writing Essentials
Writing Essentials $39.95
Great writers aren’t born, they’re taught! Unfortunately, the rules of written English can be difficult enough to remember, let alone teach. If you struggle to separate pronouns from prepositions, or are often left wondering whether to use “who” or “whom”, Australian author Dianne Bates comes to your aid with Writing Essentials, a welcome reference for teachers and aspiring authors. This handy guide offers concise explanations on the basics of grammar, punctuation and word usage, while also introducing fundamental techniques to help broaden your vocabulary and bring your writing to life. Packed with plenty of exercises to test yourself and your students, Writing Essentials provides all the support you’ll need to hone your own writing skills and pass on your knowledge to budding writers!
Selena Fisk bundle
Selena Fisk bundle $174.95
Get Selena Fisk's 3 data books in this bundle.  Using and Analysing Data in Australian Schools - 2nd edition by Selena FiskLeading Data-Informed Change in Schools by Selena FiskData-Informed Learners: Engaging Students in Their Data Story by Selena Fisk
Grammar Skills Handbook
Grammar Skills Handbook $29.95
“Grammar exists to make communication easier.” Learning how to improve and master grammar and punctuation may seem tedious and challenging, but it will ultimately determine how you learn English. Despite the multitude of AI tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly that can help you with checking grammar, these tools can only help you so far to form the foundation of communication. Your own knowledge, and what you learn about English and writing it, will determine the quality, style and voice of your own creativity. Welcome to this handbook, designed to help you to develop the knowledge and skills to improve your grammar and punctuation. Aimed at high school students, Grammar Skills Handbook delves into the fundamentals of grammar, such as phrases, clauses, groups, punctuation, open-class words and closed-class words. Through getting a good grasp of grammar, you will unravel the different layers of grammar, starting with understanding the patterns of language, the parts of speech, and lastly, the essential element of written language, also known as the sentence. Knowing how written English works is at the mind and heart of writing and reading.
Reading Skills Handbook
Reading Skills Handbook $29.95
Reading is one of the most important skills. It is essential for success in not only high school, but life. Reading effectively isn’t always easy for students going through high school – including you, the reader – especially as students come across more difficult subjects. However, reading effectively doesn’t have to be complicated at all. In Reading Skills Handbook, Ben White provides a comprehensive approach to help students confidently unlock successful reading strategies and based on proven techniques and tips from years of teaching. Learn through the variety of reading skills, developing your reading comprehension, uncovering reading strategies for different types of texts, improving your reading speed and efficiency and, most importantly, developing a lifelong reading habit.  Filled with practical tips and activities, this book will help you practice and apply the skills you’ll learn. Whether you’re a struggling reader or if you’re keen on improving your reading skills, Reading Skills Handbook will help you reach your full potential.

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