Gratitude Practices for Teachers
Gratitude Practices for Teachers $32.95
The pressures of our job as teachers are enormous. Often time-poor, overworked and underappreciated, we must also manage complex relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. These are human problems – and human problems require human solutions. Gratitude Practices for Teachers is a guide for educators and leaders navigating the daily challenges of teaching. Far from recycling simplistic gratitude platitudes, Dr Kerry Howells and Dr Jo Lucas offer a series of deep gratitude practices educators can use straightaway to create meaningful change. With chapters addressing problems such as exhaustion, toxic staff relationships, perfectionism and angry students, this book is a go-to guide to support educators through everyday difficulties.  Whatever your challenges are right now, discover how you can grow your resilience, nurture robust and respectful relationships, and replenish your joy and passion for education by practising deep gratitude. 
Grief and Loss in Schools
Grief and Loss in Schools $34.95
Grief and Loss in Schools aims to support teachers and schools by providing discussion topics, play scripts and engaging activities to allow students to work through thoughts and feelings they may be having. With this book, Hazel Edwards hopes to dispel the taboo and uncomfortable feelings associated with this subject, and encourage schools and teachers to open up conversations. Hazel provides guidance to initiate a comfortable setting for students to express their thoughts, concerns and questions, and for teachers to address any misconceptions. Featuring stories from Hazel’s experience and research, as well as practical and thought-provoking questions, and role play scripts based on various scenarios, Grief and Loss in Schools is a welcome resource. It will help teachers encourage conversations that will benefit the mental health of their students and school communities.  
Grounded $39.95
Grounded is a beacon of wisdom for parents navigating the complex landscape of modern childhood. Drawing on their extensive research and personal experiences as parents and educators, the authors have crafted a comprehensive guide that transcends age boundaries, offering practical insights from infancy to adolescence. Grounded provides a user-friendly introduction to neurological development and highlights that a parent’s wellbeing is integral to supporting their children effectively. Rooted in neuroscience, psychology and education, it serves as a roadmap in parents’ journey to foster optimal cognitive, emotional and physiological growth for their children. Informed by a blend of academic rigour and real-world parenting, this ground-breaking book challenges prevailing norms and calls for discernment in assessing home environments, schools, and the broader societal context. It is a call to action for parents who aspire to raise children who are not just academically successful, but resilient, happy and healthy – and well prepared to navigate an increasingly complex world.
Guerrilla Tactics for Teachers
Guerrilla Tactics for Teachers $39.95
Guerrilla Tactics for Teachers is a life-saving, career-preserving, sanity-building guide for teachers. Based on over 30 years of research, it is an essential collection of behaviour management and learning enhancement strategies that will help educators at any stage of their career. These are the methods that will help educators create and maintain calm classrooms that enable students to learn effectively, achieve great results, and still have a life. It provides the secret knowledge of survival in a sector that loses many great teachers to other careers when they decide it is too hard and walk away.
Hair Stylist
Hair Stylist $13.95
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a hair stylist? In this book from the Real People, Real Careers series, we follow Lisa on her journey from apprenticeship to salon owner. On the way, you’ll read all about what Lisa does each day, see pictures of her place of work, and learn some interesting facts about her job as well as key terms that will help you to better understand the world of work.
Harry the Bully Blocker
Harry the Bully Blocker $21.95
Harry is a shy, bullied little dog. In a dream, he meets some friendly animals who teach him useful bully-blocking skills. Mia the meerkat tells him the best ways to respond to bullying; Ollie the owl emphasises eye contact; Gerry the giraffe explains the importance of good posture; and so on. Harry puts these new skills into practice: they work immediately, and his life is transformed. In learning how to block bullies and make new friends - skills he can use all his life - Harry has shed his fear, and now enjoys being with his peers. This small book will empower 8+ year-old children to learn how to block bullies. It is based on the therapy model Evelyn developed to train psychologists, and on years of teaching bullied children how to manage their basic survival instinct. It is effective and empowering: even young children understand the concept of keeping their power, or giving it away and making the bully happy. Harry's story is written in the form of a poem - in rhyming four-line stanzas - to help children remember the words, which are meaningful and therapeutic.   * This title is a buy in and is for online orders only. 
High Impact Reading Instruction and Intervention in the Primary Years
High Impact Reading Instruction and Intervention in the Primary Years $42.95
High Impact Reading Instruction and Intervention in the Primary Years is a call to action for passionate teachers, education assistants, principals, and deputy principals who believe in the transformative power of literacy. With a focus on evidence-based practices and the science of reading, Julie Scali equips educators with accessible and practical knowledge to elevate their teaching to the next level. In the first part of the book, Julie lays the foundation for high-impact literacy instruction and intervention, emphasising the importance of data-informed practice, high expectations, explicit instruction, daily review, and response to intervention. With an unwavering dedication to student success, she guides educators through the fundamentals that will empower them to create classrooms where every student can thrive. The second part of the book dives into the science of reading, unravelling the complexities of how children best learn to read. Julie connects research to practical examples, providing educators with insights on implementing structured literacy in the classroom. Unlock the potential of young minds and nurture a love for reading that will last a lifetime.   Access resources and templates from the book here.
Horse Play
Horse Play $12.95
Welcome to the Clancy of the Outback series. Eleven-year-old Clancy has been thrust into life out woop-woop. These are the stories of his outback adventures at his uncle's sheep station, Overflow Station. In this book, Little Bill's insists on turning Clancy into a country boy teaching him how to ride a horse. How hard can that be? Little Bill turns up on a humungous bay horse and Clancy begins to wonder if he has bitten off more than he can chew. In the end Clancy gets a tiny, mean-looking Shetland pony to learn to ride on. Just getting onto it was hard enough, but in the end, that pony and Clancy save the day! At the conclusion of this book there is an Outback Facts section which provides information about Australian horses, there is a A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson poem, The Man from Snowy River and the all-important, Outback Jokes section.
Houseboat Hazards
Houseboat Hazards $12.95
Join Clancy and Little Bill on this fishy adventure. When Mum’s sister, Aunty Joan, visits from the big smoke with her two children the scene is set for a competition between the city slickers and Little Bill and Clancy. But when Dad organises a houseboat for a day out on the river, disaster strikes. Could it be the ghost of Uncle Buck at work?
Igniting STEM Learning
Igniting STEM Learning $54.95
Igniting STEM Learning: A Guide to Designing an Authentic Primary School STEM Program is a groundbreaking resource for teachers and leaders ready to take on the challenge of bringing robust and sustainable STEM learning to their primary schools. Having kicked STEM programs into gear around Australia, experienced educator, coach and consultant Dr Adrian Bertolini distils decades of practice into a book that has the capacity to empower and transform. In Igniting STEM Learning, you’ll find the support you need to establish the ways of thinking, structures and ongoing practices that develop students and teachers alike as learners and problem solvers. From delivering learning experiences to meeting curriculum requirements, designing authentic assessment and more, this comprehensive resource lights the way to a primary school STEM program that ignites curiosity and prepares students to thrive in a changing world. Access the resources and templates from the book here  
Interventions in Cases of Bullying in Schools
Interventions in Cases of Bullying in Schools $29.95
In Interventions in Cases of Bullying in Schools: A Training Manual for Teachers and Counsellors, renowned bullying expert Dr Ken Rigby OAM draws on five decades of practice and research to help schools tackle the seemingly intractable problem of bullying. Designed to be deployed alongside policy development and preventive programs, this essential training manual sets out nine evidence-based methods of intervention. Using a series of role-plays and prompts for discussion, Interventions in Cases of Bullying in Schools supports practitioners in selecting and applying the most appropriate method for each unique case of bullying. It also features a practical framework for recording and evaluating the application of interventions in your unique context, as well as suggestions of dozens of resources that will further develop your understanding of bullying. Practical, easy to use and focused firmly on solutions, Dr Rigby’s Interventions in Cases of Bullying in Schools is your indispensable guide to addressing one of the most vexed issues facing educators today.   Download Appendix B: Recording Form reproducible here. 
Issues $34.95
Scripts allow hesitant students to be able to assume the protection of a character and play a role or explore issues which may concern them in real life. Issues contains a collection of scripts, discussion prompts and activities for use in the classroom, as a way of opening up students to understand and process topical and sensitive issues in their world, from a range of perspectives. The art of performing harnesses the students’ engagement in the subject and offers a chance to immerse themselves within the protection of a character or role. This book gives middle school and secondary school students a chance to discuss contemporary topics or problems during the classroom rehearsal and performance of these scripts. There are enough parts for the whole class to participate, and conversation prompts and activities are provided to extend and deepen classroom discussion. Extensively workshopped and already used in classrooms nationally, this large collection of student performance scripts allows students and teachers to improve their ability to understand, navigate and discuss sensitive issues in the classroom.
It's a Girl Thing
It's a Girl Thing $39.95
Ever wondered what makes a girl tick? What's really going on inside the head of a girl? What can neuroscience teach us about educating and raising girls?This engaging book takes a close look at the female brain—how it develops, and how it is different—and the crucial role it plays in how a girl thinks, learns and engages with the world.Using the latest neuroscientific research, Dr Michael C. Nagel explores the neurological differences that exist between boys and girls, and how this shapes their behaviour, learning, growth and development. Exploring female aggression, self-esteem, relationships, emotional problems, peer-contagion and the challenges of technology, Nagel offers solutions and ideas for parents and teachers.Drawing on the latest research, Nagel applies neuroscientific insight to the common problems girls face, and argues that by understanding why girls do what they do, we can better work with them to increase their wellbeing and educational outcomes.  
Kaleidoscope of Ideas
Kaleidoscope of Ideas $39.95
A user-friendly resource book for teachers, Kaleidoscope of Ideas contains numerous classroom activities that are designed to help middle primary to junior secondary students develop creative thinking skills. These practical and enjoyable activities require very little preparation and may be used in the classroom immediately. Covering topics that range from the everyday to larger global and more serious issues, each activity can be used as a sound tool to help the development of systematic creative thinking. Many of the activities in Kaleidoscope of Ideas require group work, encouraging students to learn cooperative social skills, and most of the activities can be adapted to suit different content.
Kart Racing: Book 7
Kart Racing: Book 7 $12.95
Billy Kool was an ordinary boy until he was thrust into the life of an extreme sports TV celebrity. Billy’s grandfather is coming to stay, although not for the usual reasons. He wants to give Billy his car, his most loved possession since he believes he's too old to drive. Thinking about this, Billy talks to Shey, the show's producer. and they decide to include his grandfather in the most extreme sport yet; kart racing! At the end of the book, there is an extreme information section detailing the origins of kart racing, a glossary and a description of the equipment used when kart racing.  Part of an 8-book series, the Billy Kool books are informative, empathetic and exciting; targeted to readers and reluctant readers alike ages 8-11 years.   Teacher Notes here. 
Keeping Up with Teaching
Keeping Up with Teaching $39.95
Step into the enriching world of teaching with Keeping Up with Teaching, a vital resource designed for preservice and initial graduate teachers seeking strength-based strategies aligned with wellbeing. Delve into each chapter, beginning with poignant lived experiences shared by educators, as they navigate challenges and uncover valuable insights. From these narratives, the educator and author illuminate pathways for survival and progress, empowering readers to prioritise their wellbeing and create positive environments for both educators and students alike. With a focus on holistic growth and resilience, Keeping Up with Teaching inspires new teachers to thrive in their profession while fostering wellbeing at every step of the journey.
Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools
Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools $59.95
Data are everywhere. Countries are compared based on how their students perform in international testing. Schools are compared using standardised testing and school-leaver data. Students are tracked using their individual data and that of their peers. But while there is much already written about leadership styles, leading change and the benefits of being data informed, transferring an understanding of educational research and change leadership literature to a data-informed context is not always easy or seamless. Selena Fisk, EdD, author of Using and analysing data in Australian schools, believes that data should be used to support learning in a way that develops thriving learning communities where students are engaged and motivated. This invaluable resource introduces a 10-step process for leading data-informed change comprising measurable steps for action supported by connections to relevant literature and practical examples showing what the process looks like in schools. Fisk also introduces the 12 key elements required for a leader to prime the environment or build a culture that will enable them to lead data-informed change. Leading data-informed change in schools offers teacher team leaders, principals and administrators a practical guide on how to collect, analyse and use data to help school communities and the students they serve flourish.   Download the Appendix with all the templates here. 
Leading Positive Classrooms
Leading Positive Classrooms $39.95
I commend this book for both beginning teachers and those well into their teaching journey. – Dr Bill Rogers In a time where Australian classrooms are grappling with a rising tide of student misbehaviour exacerbated by a looming teacher shortage, this book emerges as a beacon of change. Dr Christopher Hudson challenges the archaic disciplinarian approach, urging educators to evolve with the times and view behaviour as a skill to be taught, modelled and practised. Leading Positive Classrooms makes a compelling case for adopting an educative approach to behaviour management with a focus on relationships. It offers practical insights and tools for change including exemplar conversational scripts, real-world strategies and reflection activities. This powerful resource offers a roadmap to shift the focus from managing behaviour to leading behaviour, ultimately creating a positive and transformative learning environment.
Leading with the Social Brain in Mind
Leading with the Social Brain in Mind $39.95
Leading with the Social Brain in Mind puts relationships front and centre of the important work that educators do. The number and different types of relationships that educators maintain on daily basis can be undervalued and underestimated. Specifically, it challenges system and school leaders to investigate how social brain theory affects the unintended results of collaborative interactions in their own complex organisational environments. Designing environments for collaboration in schools is a complex task and requires a lot of skill, especially in those where many institutional practices and structures are so widely accepted that they are rarely questioned. This book discusses the importance of collaboration in schools, explores silo mentality and asks educators to reflect on how their decisions are impacted by implementation barriers. It is an invaluable read for educators who want to understand associations among cognition, complexity and collaboration in leading change initiatives in schools.    
Learning Language Through Movement
Learning Language Through Movement $34.95
This practical resource provides early years professionals and foundation teachers with games, activities and strategies to incorporate language into movement. The premise is that learning language concepts through movement will help all children, particularly especially those who might have language delays or coming from non-English-speaking backgrounds. Section one provides whole class and individual movement activities to enable children to learn single-word concepts and simple phrases. Section two contains concept games and development motor movements activities and ideas that will help develop the physical process needed in learning language. Educators, teachers and learning assistants can easily implement these ideas to their programs and be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to help children develop language through movement and active play.   Authors: Garry Powell was a teacher and administrator in both country and city government schools for 32 years. He was a classroom teacher, specialist physical education teacher and principal at inner city schools. He lectured in tertiary education for 15 years, and has spoken on teacher education at conferences and workshops. Garry has written numerous teacher reference books. Debra Armstrong has taught in government primary schools for 28 years. She has been a classroom teacher, a specialist teacher in art and physical education, and a lecturer at Monash University. Debra has undertaken research in Australia and overseas, and won awards for her contribution to teaching. Debra has co-authored a number of teacher reference books.     Download the Flashcards here
Librarian $13.95
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a librarian? In this book from the Real People, Real Careers series, we follow Jessica on her journey from a Customer Service Officer in a library to a Children's Librarian. On the way, you’ll read all about what Jessica does each day, see pictures of her place of work, and learn some interesting facts about her job as well as key terms that will help you to better understand the world of work.
Life in a Garden
Life in a Garden $44.95
Help your primary students develop a deep appreciation for the natural world with Life in a garden: Activities and projects for the outdoor classroom. In this practical handbook, permaculture expert Dr Ross Mars guides teachers through the basics of garden design and maintenance, while providing opportunities for students to explore and contribute to a thriving ecosystem. The easy-to-implement investigations and hands-on projects included in this book allow students to observe and understand the dynamic processes that take place in the garden environment and encourage them to consider sustainable solutions to keep their plants healthy and productive. Using this resource, readers will find: tips for effective garden design, including establishing basic garden beds and deciding on effective planting strategies advice for seasonal planting and harvesting produce sustainable solutions for managing common pests flexible activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum. You’ll love watching your students learn to love gardening as they make a positive impact on their local environment. Access more resources and templates from the book here.  
Life Skills Handbook
Life Skills Handbook $29.95
Discover the keys to mastering life's challenges with Amanda Lecaudé's indispensable guide, the Life Skills Handbook. Tailored for high school students, this handbook is a roadmap to efficient time management and effective organisation. From prioritising tasks to creating systems that streamline the daily routine, this book is full of practical advice, templates and actionable strategies that will empower and support. Learn to juggle schoolwork, extracurriculars and personal commitments, with the Life Skills Handbook. Here are the tools to navigate life's complexities with clarity and confidence, ensuring every moment is maximised for success.
Literary Analysis Handbook
Literary Analysis Handbook $29.95
Dive into the depths of literary exploration with the Literary Analysis Handbook. Designed for high school students, this guide offers a roadmap to dissecting literary works and crafting compelling responses. From learning to understand narrative complexities to decoding symbolic imagery, students will gain insightful tips and engaging examples to enhance their understanding of their English and literature texts. Whether exploring a timeless classic novel or critiquing a modern masterpiece, this handbook equips students with the skills to navigate the written word with clarity and finesse, transforming every reading experience into an opportunity for profound insight.

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