The Leadership Game


The Leadership Game

Strategies for Success in the School Leadership Arena

By Dr Damien Barry


School leadership is akin to a gladiatorial arena: it takes courage to enter and compete. Acclaimed principal Dr Damien Barry is here to give you the weapons you need to win every battle.

Schools are grappling with staffing issues, youth mental illness and a crowded curriculum against a backdrop of social, political and economic pressures. Shelves are littered with books on leadership, yet few of these books provide practical step-by-step advice.

The Leadership Game is your ultimate guide to becoming the leader that every school needs. It will help school leaders of all kinds, as well as teachers aspiring to leadership.

How prepared are you to enter the school leadership arena?

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ISBN: 9781923116474

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Black & white, 154 pages

Published: June 2024

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