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Seriously Fun Maths

Seriously Fun Maths

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Publishing 22nd June 2022

The complete guide to motivational mathematics

By Dr Laura Tuohilampi
ISBN 9781922607225


This is a book for all teachers that teach mathematics. In Seriously Fun Maths, Dr Laura Tuohilampi (Founder of Math Hunger and Maths for Humans) changes the narrative of mathematics education into something fascinating, intriguing and something that touches every human. Based on her cutting-edge research she challenges the outdated ways of motivating students around maths.

Her ideas are important for all students, and the activities within this book cater for primary students to lower secondary, and her theories can also be used in senior schools. No matter your student’s stage, Tuohilampi will help you reflect on your skills of orchestrating mathematical discussions and problem-solving, you’ll learn how to apply expectation free moments to increase your students’ engagement, and you get a grip on what’s important – making mathematics a meaningful experience.


Dr Laura Tuohilampi (UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture) is a mathematics education researcher, an in-service teacher trainer and the founder of Math Hunger and Maths for Humans. Passionate about shifting mindsets to view maths as positive, engaging and achievable, her work explores practices that innovate and inspire traditional teaching methods to evolve with students’ learning habits. She has been awarded the Leader of the Future Award for her work in making mathematics learning more inclusive. Her dissertation was awarded The Best Didactical Thesis of the Year Award in Finland in 2017. Her research focuses on affect, engagement and the social and contextual aspects of learning mathematics. This is her second book, but first international publication.