Leading Positive Classrooms


Leading Positive Classrooms

Adopting an educative approach to behaviour management in schools

By Dr Christopher Hudson


I commend this book for both beginning teachers and those well into their teaching journey. – Dr Bill Rogers

In a time where Australian classrooms are grappling with a rising tide of student misbehaviour exacerbated by a looming teacher shortage, this book emerges as a beacon of change. Dr Christopher Hudson challenges the archaic disciplinarian approach, urging educators to evolve with the times and view behaviour as a skill to be taught, modelled and practised.

Leading Positive Classrooms makes a compelling case for adopting an educative approach to behaviour management with a focus on relationships. It offers practical insights and tools for change including exemplar conversational scripts, real-world strategies and reflection activities. This powerful resource offers a roadmap to shift the focus from managing behaviour to leading behaviour, ultimately creating a positive and transformative learning environment.

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ISBN: 9781923116375

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Black & white, 206 pages

Published: March 2024

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