Grammar in its place


Grammar in its place

Rules, skills and activities

By Rod Campbell


Grammar in its place tackles the two questions most asked by teachers:

How do I teach grammar?

What grammatical features do I include in my teaching?

Part A of this book presents a variety of text types and the grammatical features that are associated with each one. It demonstrates how to use these text types to give purpose to the students’ writing and meaning to the teaching of grammar.

Part B deals with the knowledge, understandings and the terms used in traditional and functional grammar. This section covers parts of speech, sentences, phrases, clauses, noun groups and punctuation.

This book is packed with activities, and the authors show teachers how to implement strategies that will integrate the knowledge and the function of grammar into all areas of the school curriculum. Some activities focus on the needs of individuals while other activities can be used as the basis for class lessons.

The methodology suggested in Grammar in its place encourages students to realise that a sound knowledge of grammar is essential for clear, concise and effective communication.

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ISBN: 9781922607287

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Black & white, 218 pages

Published: August 2022

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