Gospel-Inspired Teaching & Learning


Gospel-Inspired Teaching & Learning

Reframing Learning in Christian Schools

By Dr Thelma Perso and Dr Graeme Cross

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Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning introduces a transformative approach that urges educators to reconsider their interactions with students and collaborate in guiding them toward realising their potential in alignment with God's vision for life.  The framework emphasizes various facets of the educational process, including fostering meaningful relationships, supporting and inspiring learning, making education accessible and engaging, unveiling the beauty of God's creation, modelling Christian virtues, encouraging excellence, and showcasing individual God-given gifts.

Upon joining a missional Christian school, teachers embark on a profound journey of discovery, serving within a community, worshiping together, and collectively embodying the 'aroma of Christ' as they go about their work.  This journey involves personal and professional growth, aligning one's gifts with God's plans, and the hope is that the Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning approach will be embraced and valued by all educators and school leaders in Christian schools – and ultimately enrich the learning experience for students and their families.

ISBN 9781923116276

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