Financial Literacy Handbook


Financial Literacy Handbook

Money Skills for High School and Beyond

By Scott Francis


Earning money for the first time can be very rewarding. For teenagers earning money from part-time work at food outlets and retail stores, from their own small businesses and from their hobbies, there are more opportunities than ever for a motivated young adult to earn some money.

In the Financial Literacy Handbook, Scott Francis provides financial education to help students learn money lessons they can take for life, to be confident talking about their money and to make better-informed financial decisions. This book covers crucial financial topics including spending, saving, investing, financial goals, credit card and high interest debt, key paperwork, building budgets, and understanding tax and superannuation.

Whether you’ve already earned some money through work or are still learning to earn an income, you’ll find practical strategies that will help you make wise financial choices, become confident in managing your financial skills and positioning yourself for financial success in the future.

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ISBN: 9781922607188

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Full colour, 112 pages

Published: October 2023

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