Career Planning Handbook


Career Planning Handbook

Navigating Your Future Career and Work Life

By Danielle Flack


In a world where careers are evolving faster than ever, Danielle Flack’s Career Planning Handbook is a high school student’s compass for navigating the complex terrain of work life. Each chapter is a roadmap to self-discovery and professional growth, and will help you learn to redefine traditional career paradigms and unleash your full potential.

Dive into the fundamentals of career planning, from exploring identity to setting ambitious goals and bringing dreams to life. With practical exercises and expert advice, you will learn to harness the power of your brain, visualise aspirations and take proactive steps towards your ideal career. Whether considering study options or ready to dive into the workforce, this handbook equips you with the tools to reflect, evaluate and adapt as you forge your path to success.

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ISBN: 9781923116399

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Full colour, 80 pages

Published: May 2024

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