Seriously Fun Maths


Seriously Fun Maths

The complete guide to motivational mathematics

By Laura Tuohilampi


In Seriously Fun Maths, Dr Laura Tuohilampi changes the narrative of mathematics education into something fascinating, intriguing and something that touches every human. Based on her cutting-edge research she challenges the outdated ways of motivating students around maths.

This engaging book provides teachers with research, resources and activities to teach a lesson a month. The rich activities are accessible to young students and deep enough for secondary students. Even adults!

This book will help mathematics educators reflect on their skills of orchestrating mathematical discussions and problem-solving. They will learn how to increase students’ engagement in ways that reduce stress-inducing expectations around what a ‘good’ student in maths can and cannot do. Teachers will improve their grasp of what’s important – making mathematics a meaningful experience.

Everyone will have serious fun while learning maths!


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ISBN: 9781922607225

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Black & white, 212 pages

Published: July 2022

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