Your High-Performance Guide to Study and Learning


Your High-Performance Guide to Study and Learning

20 Key Habits for Getting the Most Out of Your Study Time

By Scott Francis and Dr Michael C. Nagel


Now is the time to change your habits and take control of your study – and Your high-performance guide to study and learning will show you how! Authored by secondary school teacher Scott Francis, with additional insights from Associate Professor Michael Nagel, this book will guide you through twenty key practical strategies to get the most out of the time you spend studying.

This book acknowledges that success in study requires a holistic approach. You will explore mindset and attitudes, planning and routines, high-impact study techniques and brain-based learning strategies, and you will also look beyond conventional understandings of study to explore the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude on academic results.

Whether you are looking to adopt a few new habits or overhaul your whole study philosophy, this easy-to-read and accessible resource will help you to actively participate in your learning experiences and dominate your study.

ISBN 9781922607966

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