Simple Tools


Simple Tools

Digital Resources in Your Classroom

By Martin Jorgensen


Simple Tools explores the use of technology in the classroom and offers a considered, student-centric and foundational approach.

In this book, teachers will be introduced to the selection of simple digital resources that have a clear purpose and do one thing well. They will be able to identify suitable technology that is quick and easy to set up for classroom use, as well as a host of strategies that will help make learning clear for both teachers and students.

Along with recommendations and advice, Simple Tools includes activities for teachers to develop the confidence to select and embed digital resources that have a purposeful fit within an existing practice. Find out how using the Simple Tools approach can be beneficial in your classroom.

Finally a book about technology and the classroom that is insightful about both topics. Simple Tools offers teachers practical strategies that they can use to maximise their impact in the classroom immediately.
Glen Pearsall, author and education consultant

Also available via Amazon Kindle and iBooks

ISBN: 9781922607201

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Black & white, 128 pages

Published: July 2022

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