Become a Better Thinker


Become a Better Thinker

Developing Critical and Creative Thinking

By John Langrehr


Good thinkers are 4P thinkers.

The international bestseller, Become A Better Thinker, focuses on ways of improving the 4Ps.

  • Positivity for better attention to a task
  • Pattern seeking for identifying key elements
  • Probing for asking yourself helpful questions
  • Picturing for summarising key words and their connections

Become a Better Thinker contains examples, strategies, and tests for improving the 4Ps. Aiming to examine, support and improve the creative and critical thinking skills of teachers and their students in order to help all learners think better in our rapidly evolving world.

Revised and updated, this book is now in its fourth edition.



Download PDF of the tests from this book to use:

The Langrehr Test of Creative Thinking
The Langrehr Test of Critical Thinking
The Langrehr Test of Early Childhood Thinking

ISBN 9781922607324

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