Meet our typesetter, Kerry

Meet our typesetter, Kerry

Meet Kerry. We asked her 5 questions …


Tell us a little about you and your work?

I'm Kerry, and I've been working in the intricate world of book typesetting for over 20 years. My journey with Amba Press began when Lesley from Major Street Publishing, where I also work, suggested I connect with Alicia. Since then, it's been a whirlwind of projects and creativity. There's something special about being part of this breed of people who bring words to life on the page.


Nearly one year in, how’s it going with Amba Press?

My experience with Amba Press has been nothing short of fantastic. Educational publishing is a realm I hadn't explored deeply in recent years, and diving back into it with Amba has been refreshing. And Alicia is a joy to work with! What I love most about Amba Press is the sheer variety of titles and authors they bring to the table. Working alongside Tess and Brooke, who I also collaborate with through Major Street, has only added to the enjoyment of the process.


What’s your favourite part of designing books?

Ah, where do I start? My favourite part must be the transformation process. There's a unique satisfaction in wrangling a manuscript into a polished, finished product. Seeing those little babies – our books – come alive on the page fills me with happiness. And I must admit, I can't resist delving into the content as I work. There's something endlessly fascinating about the ideas and stories within.


Tell us a little more about the process?

The process is a delicate dance between creativity and precision. It begins with receiving the manuscript, cover files and a brief from Alicia. Over the course of a few days, I lay in the text, weaving it seamlessly with artwork and design elements. It's like solving a puzzle, ensuring everything fits perfectly within the required page extent and, most importantly, is designed and structured in a way that presents the content clearly to the reader. Once my part is done, it's back to Amba Press for the next steps, including page proofs. Seeing the book in its final form is undoubtedly the most satisfying part of the process.


When you are not being a creative genius, what do you do with your time?

Outside of my typesetting adventures, I lead a fulfilling life in country Victoria. My furry companion, Nina the Pug, keeps me company as well as entertained as I settle into my newly built house. I cherish my spare time, whether it's spent gardening, reading (yes, I read books in my spare time), being part of a close-knit community or simply enjoying the tranquillity of my surroundings.

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