Connecting with Your Teens by Andy McNeilly

Connecting with Your Teens by Andy McNeilly

We are excited to announce Andy McNeilly is joining the Amba Press list to publish his book, Connecting with Your Teens: Fun, simple and practical ideas to help raise resilient teenagers on 4th October 2023.

Andy McNeilly

Connecting with Your Teens is the follow up book of Andy McNeilly's first well-known book, Connecting with Your Kids. This book was praised for it practical, down-to-earth ways for parents to connect with their kids. 

Andy has been teaching children and adults for many years. More recently he has been running workshops to help families connect. They focus on ‘life skills’ that are vital for our children and teenagers to succeed in the futures they envision for themselves.

Connecting with Your Teens contains chapters that can be followed chronologically throughout the year, or by selecting a ‘life skill’ that may be needed to be learnt. Each chapter defines each skill, states some benefits of gaining proficiency in the skill, and offers ideas to help develop the skill together. It also has simple personal stories relating to each life skill. Learning many of these skills will help your teenager through the sometimes tricky stages of being a teenager.

Connecting with Your Teens is for every parent and teacher who aims to help raise teenagers and set them up on a path to success and resilience. Pre-order now. 

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