Connecting with Your Teens


Connecting with Your Teens

Fun, simple and practical ideas to help raise resilient teenagers

By Andy McNeilly


Connecting with Your Teens is a simple, practical, down-to-earth guide for all parents and teachers who want to bond with their teenagers while also helping them to develop important life skills.

This fun and effective book contains chapters that can be followed chronologically throughout the year, or by selecting a ‘life skill’ that may need to be learnt. Each chapter explores different understandings of these life skills, offers fun and engaging activities to develop these skills as a family and includes personal narratives relating to each life skill.

Learning these skills will not only help your teen navigate the sometimes-tricky stages of adolescent life but ultimately thrive through the rest of their lives to come.


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ISBN: 9781922607805

Size: 254 x 178 mm

Black & white, 166 pages

Published: October 2023

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