Amba Press welcomes Evelyn M. Field

We are thrilled to announce Evelyn M. Field OAM is joining the Amba Press list to publish her updated, bestselling book, Bully Blocking in November 2023.
Amba Press welcomes Evelyn M. Field

We are thrilled to announce Evelyn M. Field OAM is joining the Amba Press list to publish her updated, bestselling book, Bully Blocking in November 2023.

Evelyn M. Field is a psychologist, professional speaker, best-selling author, and regular media commentator. She has spent more than four decades helping students and adults develop social survival skills and managing bullying in  schools and the workplace. Her passion was recognised through an OAM in June 2014 for service to the community, particularly initiatives against bullying in schools and the workplace.

Dr Evelyn M. Field OAM

Recent research shows that bullying injures the brain, interferes with normal social development and threatens our survival instinct. Bullying is bad because it causes humiliation and ostracism. In this updated version of Bully Blocking, the key to managing bullying is to empower the student to use their pre-frontal cortex and block the bully by acting calm and neutral, without threatening them, thereby earning respect.

The first part helps the reader understand what happens when a child is bullied and provides useful ways to change the child's attitude and empower them. The subsequent chapters provide a programme of explanations and exercises to help children understand their feelings and develop effective ways to combat bullying situations, including improving self-esteem, building support networks, and communicating confidently. The third part provides useful resources for parents, teachers and a world-first chapter for counsellors.

This book will be an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, educators, and counsellors working with children who are at risk of or experiencing bullying.

Pre-order details to be available in August, with the book publishing in November 2023.

Harry the Bully Blocker

Check out Evelyn’s latest book, Harry, the Bully Blocker, a rhyming story for young children about bullying. Available here.

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