Harry the Bully Blocker


Harry the Bully Blocker

A sad poem with a happy ending

By Evelyn M. Field


Harry is a shy, bullied little dog. In a dream, he meets some friendly animals who teach him useful bully-blocking skills. Mia the meerkat tells him the best ways to respond to bullying; Ollie the owl emphasises eye contact; Gerry the giraffe explains the importance of good posture; and so on.

Harry puts these new skills into practice: they work immediately, and his life is transformed. In learning how to block bullies and make new friends - skills he can use all his life - Harry has shed his fear, and now enjoys being with his peers.

This small book will empower 8+ year-old children to learn how to block bullies. It is based on the therapy model Evelyn developed to train psychologists, and on years of teaching bullied children how to manage their basic survival instinct. It is effective and empowering: even young children understand the concept of keeping their power, or giving it away and making the bully happy. Harry's story is written in the form of a poem - in rhyming four-line stanzas - to help children remember the words, which are meaningful and therapeutic.


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ISBN: 9780994279187

Size: 198 x 129 mm

Full colour, 70 pages

Published: December 2021

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