Feral Frenzy


Feral Frenzy

Clancy of the Outback series

By Phil Kettle and Bob Andersen


Welcome to the Clancy of the Outback series.

Eleven-year-old Clancy has been thrust into life out woop-woop. These are the stories of his outback adventures at his uncle's sheep station, Overflow Station.

In 'Feral Frenzy', Mum is still trying to work out how to do her thing on Overflow Station and the whole family continues to have a lot to learn about country life. But who would have thought that feral pigs would get into Mum's precious veggie garden? Clancy thought it was pretty exciting at the time but now it is an issue they need to fix pronto.

At the conclusion of this book there is an Outback Facts section which discusses feral animals in Australia, there is an A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson poem, 'Brumby's Run', and the all-important, Outback Jokes section.

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ISBN: 9781925308877

Size: 198 x 129 mm

Black & white, 66 pages

Published: October 2022

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