Regardless of where you are on your differentiation journey, this highly readable and richly informative book by Dr Tom Porta is a must-read. Quality insight from extensive research, unpacked in a digestible manner, challenges you to think about the why underpinning differentiation. Simultaneously, enriching information is shared on how to implement differentiation with liberal sprinklings of practical strategies frankly evaluated through a personal experience lens. The author passionately promotes the ideal of a wholeschool approach where intentional differentiation is an integral piece of the school’s pedagogical philosophy.
Angeline Panayi-Motus, Business and Economics Teacher, Seymour College

Tom’s expertise and knowledge of differentiation and the art of making it relevant to teachers is second to none. The Dance of Differentiation explains the steps and movements a skilled teacher will make in order to achieve inclusive education. Knowing that students will require different supports and instructions throughout a lesson is vital to the success of each and every student. This book is a must-read for every teacher, whether they have been in the classroom for many years or are just starting out.
Rebecca Mattinson, Teacher, Westminster School

In The Dance of Differentiation, Dr Tom Porta provides us with a nuanced and comprehensive approach to differentiation that offers practical guidance while also exploring the complex fields of learning and assessment. The central tenet of this book is that, by adopting a student-centred approach to teaching, teachers can use differentiation as a way to enhance the learning opportunities for all students, in all school settings. I commend this book for educators who seek to create inclusive and positive classroom cultures. Packed with research, tips, and strategies for support, it is a must-read for all educators – from beginner teachers right through to experienced school leaders.
Christopher Hudson, educational leader and author of Leading Positive Classrooms

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