"The Art of Skimming Stones is a wonderful journey through the growth of an experienced principal's approach to leading improvement and change. I love the SKIM Model; it shows a great balance of head and heart."

Tracey Ezard - speaker, author, educator

"Grounded in real-world expertise, this book provides educational leaders with practical insights and actionable strategies for leading meaningful change. It is an indispensable guide for those who want to work in deep partnership with their people."

Dr Simon Breakspear - author, founder, director, Strategic Schools

"As a former principal of 22 years, 46 years in education, now mentoring principals and coaching leadership teams, I have adopted many of Steven's ideas. The model is easy to adopt, empowers others, builds leadership capabilities, and improves student learning outcomes."

Deb Patterson - author, leadership mentor, coach, motivational speaker

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