I laughed, I cried, and then I laughed and cried some more…! What a journey. And what a life story that has shaped Deborah into the strong, gutsy, and successful woman she is today. This book is jam-packed with strategies, tips and advice that have been learned by living a life, both personally and professionally, with courage, resilience and authenticity. Kudos to Deborah for sharing such great insights and life’s adventures.

Dr Loretta Piazza, Former principal, mentor, coach, podcaster

Deborah Patterson is a leader determined to improve pedagogical practice for our students, through guiding, mentoring and nurturing school leaders and staff. A household name in principal networks, she possesses courage, integrity, honesty and humility. Her many years in education, wisdom and expertise are invaluable and have seen so many schools, staff and students reap the benefits of her guidance, my own included.

Melissa Lozanovski, Principal

Having been a colleague of Deborah Patterson over the past 15 years, I have been continually impressed with her strong and authentic leadership style. Her traits of courage, strength, honesty and integrity shine through whilst creating a leadership framework that is driven to succeed in obtaining the goals set out on a clearly defined vision for all stakeholders. I would strongly recommend any leader to read her publications.

Jason McBean, Principal

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