‘As educators we face a raft of challenges. This guide to the practical application of deep gratitude doesn’t promise to solve the systemic problems that teachers are increasingly facing throughout the world, but it does provide a glimmer of light, focusing on what we can influence immediately: ourselves and our perspectives.’
Warren Brompton, Primary school teacher, Canberra, Australia


‘It is a book that helps us both appreciate and embrace every day, no matter what.’
~ Dr Helen Street, Founder and Chair, The Positive Schools Initiative, Australia

‘Thoughtful, insightful and practical, Gratitude Practices for Teachers, is a must-read book for teacher educators, teacher students and all teachers working in schools. This is a book for any educator striving for understanding gratitude in everyday life challenges; it all starts with your inner attitude.’
Solveig Cornér, PhD, Teacher education programme, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland

‘The exploration of gratitude practices for teachers is a truly transformative journey, skilfully delving into the immense power of expressing gratitude. The authors captivate us with their heartfelt narratives, resonating deeply and mirroring my own personal encounters.’
Jessica Power, Beginning teacher, New South Wales, Australia

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