A strong resource for parents and teachers! I’ll certainly be recommending it on my school travels.
- Madonna King, journalist and author of Ten-Ager

I think the trio of key concepts—trust-collaboration-enquiry is dynamite. I found this very helpful for any relationship.
- Steve Biddulph, psychologist and author of Raising Boys and Raising Girls

The warm, reassuring, and personal advice from Andrew in his book is extremely helpful. We are not all created expert parents and it is good to know how to make decisions at this time. A lot of parents I know fret about the decisions.
- Dr Matthew McLean, parent

Starting school is an exciting, yet daunting time for children transitioning from kindergarten to primary school. Equally, parents also go through a similar transition, with mixed emotions of anxiety and joy knowing their child will foster new friendships and enter a new learning environment. Andrew Oberthur’s book is aimed at squashing some of those trepidations and understanding your role as a parent to collaborate with the teachers and the Principal.
- Richard and Katrina Kretschmer, parents

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