Evelyn Field takes readers into the important journey on how to support vulnerable children with social skills to stand up for themselves when facing bullying victimization. This is of special importance since prevention programmes fail to eliminate all bullying, and because there is a lack of interventions that focus on help for bullying victims. A much-needed contribution to the field and a must-read for all involved.
Thormod Idsoe, Professor in Psychology, University of Oslo

Evelyn’s multi-decades of experience in providing treatment, collaborating with international experts, and presentations at international conferences make her a leading expert in the prevention and management of school and workplace bullying. Her clinical and consulting experience provides rich examples of lived experiences and the treatment and interventions that helped. Her practical and easy-to-implement strategies will help anyone involved in identifying and managing school bullying.
Pat Ferris, PhD, international workplace bullying expert, Canada

Evelyn Field is a highly experienced worker in the area of prevention and treatment of cases of bullying in schools. She has focused especially on what children can do if they are being bullied by peers at school. Her latest book expands on her earlier acclaimed work in detailing how victimised students can be helped by teachers and parents to confront those who would bully by developing and employing appropriate social skills. The book is well written, clear and practical.
Ken Rigby, PhD, OAM, Adjunct Professor at the University of South Australia

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