Connection is indeed what we all need, but it can also be problematic because there are so many different things to connect to and different ways to be connected. Matt has written a book with a strong message full of content that is very honest and practical.

Dr Yong Zhao, PhD – foundation distinguished professor, author


Matt is an enthusiast for finding better outcomes for more learners through deep connection in education. This infectious energy finds its way onto every page of this thought-provoking book.

Dr Phil Cummins – associate professor, co-host of the Game Changers podcast


Matt’s book gives us the luxury of pondering and considering one of the human sides of education; a side that we all know makes a difference but hesitate to dig into. It helps us to understand just how to build deep and ongoing connection in learning spaces, playgrounds, meetings and surrounding community. This book is worth reading, discussing and implementing with a team of your favourite educators.

Pip Cleaves, principal

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