Celia Di Iorio is a qualified Primary School Teacher with a Master of Education in Student Wellbeing. She has over 25 years of teaching experience both face to face and online. More recently Celia has been involved in leading, managing and shaping the overall strategy, development, design and delivery of the Professional Experience aspect of several online ITE courses in the Higher Education sector. Drawing on her communication, interpersonal, organisational and leaderships skills, Celia cultivates supportive learning environments guided by policies and frameworks, standards and goals.

Margherita Ghezzi has 30 years’ combined experience in the primary, secondary and university sectors. A qualified schoolteacher, published author, and academic educator, Marghi also worked as an educational publisher and an ACARA curriculum writer. She currently leads the hybrid delivery of a Master of Teaching (Primary), which includes in-school placements. Marghi still teaches in a range of ITE degrees, both online and on-campus, which allows her to actively mentor pre-service teachers through their academic and placement journeys. Marghi defines herself a ‘passionate lifelong learner’ and she is currently a PhD candidate at Griffith University.

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