Life in a Garden


Life in a Garden

Activities and Projects for the Outdoor Classroom, Years F-6

By Ross Mars


Help your primary students develop a deep appreciation for the natural world with Life in a garden: Activities and projects for the outdoor classroom. In this practical handbook, permaculture expert Dr Ross Mars guides teachers through the basics of garden design and maintenance, while providing opportunities for students to explore and contribute to a thriving ecosystem.

The easy-to-implement investigations and hands-on projects included in this book allow students to observe and understand the dynamic processes that take place in the garden environment and encourage them to consider sustainable solutions to keep their plants healthy and productive.

Using this resource, readers will find:

  • tips for effective garden design, including establishing basic garden beds and deciding on effective planting strategies
  • advice for seasonal planting and harvesting produce
  • sustainable solutions for managing common pests
  • flexible activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

You’ll love watching your students learn to love gardening as they make a positive impact on their local environment.

Access more resources and templates from the book here.


ISBN 9781923116160

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