Ask the Animals


Ask the Animals

Encouraging Early Childhood Curiosity

By John Langrehr


Ask the Animals aims to encourage the natural curiosity of young children. Unfortunately curiosity in a child’s early years weakens with time, and during school they become accustomed to mainly seeking correct answers to questions asked by their teachers.

Curiosity involves asking questions about something which you know little about. These questions usually start with WHY or HOW and help children to gain knowledge of their own accord.

In this book 16 animals are introduced with an illustration and a fun rhyming poem, and are followed by a range of WHY and HOW questions to strengthen curious thinking.

Ask the Animals shows young children the importance of asking questions and develops their critical and creative thinking.


Download the animal templates here


Also available via Amazon Kindle and iBooks

ISBN: 9781922607669

Size: 297 x 210 mm (A4)

Black & white, 80 pages

Published: May 2023

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