Benjamin White

Benjamin White is the Director of Learning and Teaching at a secondary school in regional Victoria. Prior to this leadership position, he was the English Faculty Leader. He is an experienced NAPLAN marker and VCE English assessor. He has presented at several VATE conferences and the AATE National Conference. He has contributed to many English titles over the years and is currently completing his Masters of Instructional Leadership.

Benjamin White

Practical Writing Strategies
Practical Writing Strategies $39.95
Educational Publishing Awards Australia 2023 Shortlist - Secondary Teacher Resource Practical Writing Strategies is the perfect guide for educators looking to take their students' writing to the next level. This book balances the process and product of writing with a clear Writing Cycle in six stages: Purpose, Exploration, Ideas, Skills, Collaboration, and Publication. Each stage includes engaging activities to help students understand and value the writing process. Practical Writing Strategies teaches genuine writing not just as an assessment task, but as a means of self-expression, exploration, creativity, and knowledge building. With Practical Writing Strategies, you will learn how to guide your students to become confident and successful writers.  
Writing Skills Handbook
Writing Skills Handbook $29.95
Writing is essential for communication, landing a good job, expressing oneself creatively and solving problems. In today’s world, where technology is reshaping the landscape of communication, the ability to express oneself articulately through written words is more important than ever. Filled with effective techniques and strategies, Writing Skills Handbook is designed to help students confidently acquire high-performance writing techniques. This book will cover the basics of writing skills, ranging from grammar and punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph construction, learning how to revise and self-edit, and exploring different types of writing and the unique challenges and opportunities that each form of writing presents. Writing is a journey and by acquiring these writing techniques through time, patience and practice, you will become a proficient writer and effectively set yourself up for success!
Film Analysis Handbook
Film Analysis Handbook $29.95
Unlock the secrets of cinematic storytelling with the Film Analysis Handbook. Tailored for high school students studying English and literature, this guide is your ticket to confidently dissecting films and crafting compelling analyses. From unravelling narrative threads to decoding visual symbolism, this book is full of insightful tips and engaging examples to elevate a student’s understanding of film. Learn how to dissect a classic or critique a contemporary masterpiece. Navigate the world of cinema with insight and finesse, making every viewing experience an opportunity for understanding.
Reading Skills Handbook
Reading Skills Handbook $29.95
Reading is one of the most important skills. It is essential for success in not only high school, but life. Reading effectively isn’t always easy for students going through high school – including you, the reader – especially as students come across more difficult subjects. However, reading effectively doesn’t have to be complicated at all. In Reading Skills Handbook, Ben White provides a comprehensive approach to help students confidently unlock successful reading strategies and based on proven techniques and tips from years of teaching. Learn through the variety of reading skills, developing your reading comprehension, uncovering reading strategies for different types of texts, improving your reading speed and efficiency and, most importantly, developing a lifelong reading habit.  Filled with practical tips and activities, this book will help you practice and apply the skills you’ll learn. Whether you’re a struggling reader or if you’re keen on improving your reading skills, Reading Skills Handbook will help you reach your full potential.
Literary Analysis Handbook
Literary Analysis Handbook $29.95
Dive into the depths of literary exploration with the Literary Analysis Handbook. Designed for high school students, this guide offers a roadmap to dissecting literary works and crafting compelling responses. From learning to understand narrative complexities to decoding symbolic imagery, students will gain insightful tips and engaging examples to enhance their understanding of their English and literature texts. Whether exploring a timeless classic novel or critiquing a modern masterpiece, this handbook equips students with the skills to navigate the written word with clarity and finesse, transforming every reading experience into an opportunity for profound insight.

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