Would this help Miss E?

Would this help Miss E?

I would like to introduce to Miss E.

Miss E is my son’s grade 1 teacher.

This is her second primary school since finishing her teaching degree at university. This is her first full year of teaching a class. 

Miss E sits on the school wellbeing and inclusion committee and feels passionately about her important role shaping young minds.

She likes colour-coordinated stationery and her Frank Green drink bottle. She is tech savvy and not afraid to use multiple devices.

She is a reader and loves get out the highlighter on her favourite education resources. Her favourite days of the year are Book Week and Halloween.

Every time Amba Press gets a new book proposal in to assess or talk to a new author, we ask …

  • Who is your Miss E?
  • Would this help Miss E?
  • Will they read it all or can they just dip in when they need it?
  • Will they talk about to others in the staffroom?
  • Will they 'take away' something they can use in the classroom tomorrow?

When choosing what books Amba Press publishes, we aim to keep our audience in the back of my mind. We imagine the exact person that this book has been written for. We have an equivalent secondary school teacher, vice principal, principal, support teacher and parent, that we imagine publishing every book for.

We encourage our authors to find their muse too.

Who is your Miss E?


Miss E

(Miss E and my son during Book Week)


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