The Business of Creativity Series

The Business of Creativity Series

We are thrilled to announce our continued collaboration with Hazel Edwards OAM, introducing a new book series titled The Business of Creativity which will include Writing for Young People and Author-preneurship.  

Educator-author Hazel Edwards has written over 220 books for children, teachers and adults. Her best-known publication is the children’s picture book classic There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake (1980), now a series of picture books, classroom play scripts, a musical stage production and a short movie. Hazel has previously worked with Amba Press to publish two books: Issues and Grief and Loss in Schools.

The Business of Creativity series will be centred around books that offer insights and advice to both aspiring and experienced writers working in the writing business.

Writing for Young People guides writers on setting up their own writing business, along with the thorough process of creating projects centred around younger readers. The book offers practical and important tools that enables writers to set themselves for success within the ever-changing industry. The activities and exercises ranging from crafting proposals and synopses to preparing manuscript across different genres have been used as the set text by various professional writing courses. This book is recommended for writers embarking on a journey to shape the literary landscape for young readers.

Author-preneurship offers strategies for writers of any pedigree, regardless of whether it’s for writers in the beginning stages of their writing career or highly experienced writers keen on learning how to adapt to fast-changing, digital, global industry. This book is adapted with the emerging trends and practices within the creative industry. Contemporary writers must become an ‘author-preneur’: an originator and an entrepreneur.

There will be a third book, Writing for Teachers by another author in the works with an estimated publication date in mid-2024. We are also commissioning other publications into this series. 

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