Safe to Learn by Rebecca Harris

Safe to Learn by Rebecca Harris

We are excited to announce Rebecca Harris is joining Amba Press to publish her first book, Safe to Learn: Embedding Trauma-Informed Student Wellbeing Practices in October.

Rebecca Harris works in student wellbeing and delivers training in trauma-informed practice to schools and community organisations. She also works as a counsellor and facilitator. She has a passion for trauma-informed work, and believes every educator has the potential to make a profound difference to their students’ lives.

Rebecca Harris

Safe to Learn is the culmination of many years of work with incredible amounts of research. It contains insightful and encouraging tips on understanding and addressing trauma in the educational field. Each chapter focuses on how trauma can impact physical and mental health, and the book ultimately provides strategies that empower educators to support students facing trauma and adversity. Educator wellbeing is invaluable for the benefit of teachers as well as students, and Safe to Learn is dedicated to the teachers who change lives on a daily basis.

Safe to Learn aims to provide teachers with the tools to provide a safe learning environment for students, particularly those who have experienced trauma. Therefore, it is made for educators around the world who want to enhance their student’s mental health in order to live more fulfilling lives and learn more efficiently.


Safe to Learn by Rebecca Harris

Safe to Learn: Embedding Trauma-Informed Student Wellbeing Practices is an essential guide for any teacher who aspires to make a brighter future for the world. Available to pre-order here.

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