Real People, Real Careers

Real People, Real Careers

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a ... ?

Hair Stylist
Equine Carer
Bank Manager
Web Designer

In the Real People, Real Careers series, students will follow 10 people on their journey from high school to their current occupation.

Students will read all about what these people do each day and see pictures of where they work and what they do. Students will also learn some interesting facts about each job, as well as key terms, that will help them to understand the world of work. 

Here are some sample pages from Web Designer:

This series has been written by Julie Dascoli, a seasoned writer from Melbourne, who has been crafting delightful content for over three decades. Julie draws inspiration from her enriching role in the Victorian early years education system, where she supports children with additional needs. 

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Books are available individually or as a pack. 

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