Presenting Dr Shyam Barr's Educate to Self-Regulate

Presenting Dr Shyam Barr's Educate to Self-Regulate

We are thrilled to announce Dr Shyam Barr is joining Amba Press to publish his debut book Educate to Self-Regulate: Empowering Learners for Lifelong Success in June 2024.

Dr Shyam Barr is an educational leader, educational consultant, and researcher with 15 years of experience in the education sector. Shyam is committed to working with educators to cultivate a culture of self-regulated learning for students.

Dr Shyam Barr

In Educate to Self-Regulate, Shyam provides insights into how educators can leverage self-regulated learning techniques to ignite and sustain students’ motivation throughout their educational journey. With practical strategies and guidance, this book will encourage students to motivate themselves and embrace learning with renewed enthusiasm and purpose.

As a researcher and educator, Shyam has dedicated his career to exploring new learning approaches to support and encourage teachers’ thinking about self-regulated learning. His goal is to share his experiences and insights to help individuals to gain a new perspective on learning and to reach their full potential.

Shyam is hopeful that his work will empower educators to revise their approach to change how students learn and to shape the education landscape for the younger generation.

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Publishing in print and eBook in June 2024. 

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