Leading Positive Classrooms by Christopher Hudson

Leading Positive Classrooms by Christopher Hudson

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Leading Positive Classrooms by Christopher Hudson, set to hit desks in April 2024.

Leading Positive Classrooms emerges as a guiding light in a time when Australian classrooms grapple with a rising tide of student misbehaviour and an impending shortage of teachers. Christopher Hudson, a passionate educator with a diverse background, challenges the traditional factory model of education, urging educators to adapt and recognise behaviour as a skill that can be taught, modelled and practised.

This book seamlessly navigates through the historical context of education, critiques the limitations of the current system, and compellingly advocates for an educational approach to shaping students' behaviour. Whether you're a novice or an experienced teacher, Leading Positive Classrooms provides practical insights and tools for change, standing out for its emphasis on practicality.

 Christopher Hudson

Christopher Hudson draws upon his extensive experience as a teacher and leader in government schools in Victoria, Australia. However, his non-linear journey into education, working across various sectors and roles, brings a unique perspective to the book. The narrative not only challenges the status quo but also provides a roadmap for shifting the focus from behaviour management to behaviour education.

Leading Positive Classrooms promises to be a powerful resource for educators, offering worked conversational scripts, real-world strategies, and reflection activities. This book is set to transform the educational landscape by fostering a positive and transformative learning environment.

Pre-order your copy now to be at the forefront of this revolutionary approach to behaviour management.

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