Grounded: The off-road guide to parenting in an unstable world

Grounded: The off-road guide to parenting in an unstable world

We are delighted to announce the upcoming publication of Grounded: The off-road guide to parenting in an unstable world by Dr Michael C. Nagel and Shelley Davidow, for late February 2024.

Grounded: The off-road guide to parenting in an unstable world is a beacon of wisdom for parents navigating the complex landscape of modern childhood. Drawing on their extensive research and personal experiences as parents and educators, the authors craft a comprehensive guide that transcends age boundaries, offering practical insights from infancy to adolescence.
Grounded not only delves into the intricacies of neurological development but highlights the need for parents to be mindful of their own anxiety and stress, underscoring that a parent's wellbeing is integral to supporting their children effectively. Rooted in neuroscience, psychology, and education, this book serves as a roadmap to foster optimal cognitive, emotional, and physiological growth in children, both at home and in the broader society.

Dr Michael C. Nagel is an Associate Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he teaches and researches in the areas of child and adolescent development, behaviour and learning. He is the author of twenty books on child development and learning used by teachers and parents in over forty countries and has delivered over 300 workshops and seminars for parents and teachers nationally and internationally.

Dr Shelley Davidow is a senior lecturer in the School of Education and an award-winning author, facilitator in Restorative Practice and HeartMath Coach and Mentor. Her 47 books include the internationally acclaimed memoirs Runaways, (Ultimo, 2022), Shadow Sisters and Whisperings in the Blood (University of Queensland Press, 2018, 2016) the creative writing textbook Playing with Words (Palgrave Macmillan 2016), Raising Stress-Proof Kids (Familius, 2015) and Writing the Radical Memoir (Bloomsbury UK, 2023). She runs workshops and professional development on mitigating the impact of stress at home and in classrooms. She is a frequent keynote presenter at educational conferences in Australia.

Their perspective, informed by a blend of academic rigor and real-world parenting, challenges prevailing norms and calls for discernment in assessing home environments, schools, and the broader societal context. Grounded is a call to action for parents who aspire to raise not just academically successful children, but resilient, happy, and healthy individuals prepared to navigate an increasingly complex world.

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