Gratitude Practices for Teachers

Gratitude Practices for Teachers

We’re delighted to announce Dr Kerry Howells and Dr Jo Lucas are joining the Amba Press list to republish their book, Gratitude Practices for Teachers: Navigating Everyday Challenges in Education on 11th October 2023.

The pressures of our job as teachers are enormous. Often time-poor, overworked and underappreciated, we must also manage complex relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. These are human problems – and human problems require human solutions.

Gratitude Practices for Teachers is a guide for educators and leaders navigating the daily challenges of teaching. Far from recycling simplistic gratitude platitudes, Dr Kerry Howells and Dr Jo Lucas offer a series of deep gratitude practices educators can use straightaway to create meaningful change. With chapters addressing problems such as exhaustion, toxic staff relationships, perfectionism and angry students, this book is a go-to guide to support educators through everyday difficulties. 

Dr Kerry Howells is an award-winning educator and experienced researcher with over 25 years of experience in research, teaching and practising gratitude. Kerry has published academic papers regarding the importance of gratitude in school leadership and is passionate to continuously find new ways to apply gratitude to life’s challenges. She is also well-known for her award-winning book, Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful?

Dr Kerry Howells

Co-author, Dr Jo Lucas is currently a teacher in the Big Picture Academy at Hobart City High School, Tasmania. Jo has worked as a classroom teacher for seventeen years in both primary and secondary settings. She combined this role with her work as an educational researcher, pre-service teacher-educator and mentor for beginning teachers.

Dr Jo Lucas

Gratitude Practice for Teachers offers invaluable insight and practices for educators to grow their resilience, nurture robust and respectful relationships, and replenish their joy and passion for education by practising deep gratitude. 

To complement the Gratitude Practice for Teachers, Dr Kerry and Dr Jo are currently preparing a reflective journal for readers to explore the concepts in the book further. The reflective journal is planned to be released in early-2024.

A Reflective Journal

Gratitude Practice for Teachers is available now to pre-order.

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