Gavan Woinarski’s School Philanthropy Handbook Launches

We were delighted to come together on Thursday 16th March to celebrate the book launch of the School Philanthropy Handbook by Gavan Woinarski.

Gavan Woinarski’s School Philanthropy Handbook Launches

We were delighted to come together on Thursday 16th March to celebrate the book launch of the School Philanthropy Handbook by Gavan Woinarski.

Gavan began his career in philanthropy and fundraising in 1995 after a distinguished career as a teacher and educational leader in Australia and the United Kingdom.

His book, the School Philanthropy Handbook, explores the role of modern philanthropy in independent schools and provides a framework to establish an enduring culture of giving that will outlast short-term fundraising tactics.

Guest speaker, ex-Principal and independent school expert, Allan Shaw, launched the book, explaining that “Philanthropy is not fundraising. If you are unsure of the difference, this is the book for you.”

Allan Shaw launches the School Philanthropy Handbook

This book provides a wealth of industry experience and exclusive insight into the management of the school's philanthropy. It offers practical guidance on how to sharpen funding strategies, unify working groups, develop major gift plans, improve database management and practise good stewardship to secure real philanthropic support.

As author Gavan explained on the night, “Philanthropy responds to a vision more than a need. Its best advocate is the voice”.

Gavan Woinarski

There is a lot of philanthropic value accumulated in this book, which is a resource that every independent school needs. A strong philanthropic culture enhances a school’s capacity to provide an exceptional education and improve outcomes for all students.

This special night was hosted by the BBT team of Morgan Stanley, Melbourne. We were thrilled to see so many Melbournians came out to celebrate Gavan’s achievements.

School Philanthropy Handbook

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