Empowering Success: The 2024 Season of the High School Success Series

Empowering Success: The 2024 Season of the High School Success Series

 We are excited to announce the next 8 titles in our High School Success Series.

The High School Success series is now a bestselling collection of educational resources tailored to guide and empower high school students on their academic journey.

Amba Press began creating this series to address the unique challenges faced by high school students. Covering a wide range of subjects and topics, the High School Success Series aims to equip students with the tools they need to excel in their studies and beyond.


 What makes the High School Success series special?

✍️ Expert authors: each book in the series is authored by experienced educators, subject matter experts and seasoned professionals.

🎓Student-centric approach: this series employs a student-centric approach, using relatable examples, modern pull-quotes and bold, colourful imagery.

💻 Digital-first: these books have been designed for digital platforms - putting quality support books where students access their textbooks.


Presenting the 2024 season:

Literary Analysis Handbook Life Skills Handbook Career Planning Handbook The Entrepreneurial Handbook

Mindset Handbook Grammar Skills Handbook Exam Skills Handbook Film Analysis Handbook

Available now for pre-order.

Publishing end of June in print ($29.95 RRP each), eBook and digital book ($24.95 RRP each).

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