Dr Damien Barry returns to Amba Press for his follow up book ...

Dr Damien Barry returns to Amba Press for his follow up book ...

We are delighted to announce that after the success of Dr Damien Barry’s first book, The Teaching Game, we will be publishing his follow up book, The Leadership Game, set to be released in May 2024.


With an illustrious career in education spanning nearly three decades, Damien Barry brings a wealth of experience and insight to his latest work. Having navigated the complexities of school leadership as a principal across various educational settings, Damien understands first hand the challenges and pressures that leaders in education face daily.

In The Leadership Game, Damien Barry shifts his focus from the classroom to the boardroom, offering invaluable guidance tailored specifically for school leaders. Drawing from his extensive background and academic accomplishments, including an MBA, a Doctorate in Education, and a Churchill Fellowship, Damien equips leaders with practical strategies and tools essential for success in the demanding landscape of educational leadership.

Dr Damien Barry

School leadership is no easy feat, and The Leadership Game acknowledges the unique hurdles that leaders encounter, from staffing challenges to student well-being concerns, amidst ever-evolving societal and political landscapes. Unlike traditional leadership manuals, Damien's book cuts through the noise to deliver actionable advice and insights essential for effective leadership in schools.

Whether you're a seasoned administrator or a novice leader, The Leadership Game promises to be an indispensable resource, providing the courage, tools, and wisdom needed to excel in the dynamic world of educational leadership.

Join Damien Barry on this transformative journey, and elevate your leadership game to new heights. Pre-order here.

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