Curating Inquiries by Grant Lewis

Curating Inquiries by Grant Lewis

We are thrilled to announce Grant Lewis is joining Amba Press to publish his first book, Curating Inquiries: Curriculum Design and Mapping for Primary Schools in November 2023.

Grant Lewis works as an educational consultant who focuses on curriculum design, inquiry learning, and teaches writing and advocating for student agency and staff development. He has worked as an educational leader for over 20 years both in Australia and internationally across multiple primary schools. His work in designing curriculums that meets learners’ needs is the centre of his work ambitions.   

Grant Lewis

In Curating Inquiries, Grant shares his extensive knowledge regarding curriculum design and inquiry-based learning garnered through years of experience and research. It will include practical strategies and protocols to be applied in a primary school setting, while exploring the intricacies of inquiry-based learning. The book will come with a Spotify playlist with all the songs mentioned in this book, as each chapter begins with a quote taken from a song that captures the essence of what each chapter is about and to provoke thinking.

Curating Inquiries offers ideas and considerations for teachers to reflect upon and to apply to their own educational settings. The pedagogical approaches offered in Curating Inquiries is not a templatised guide, but it is to provide pathways and considerations, taking practical strategies into practice and to incorporate inquiry learning to structure their teaching methods. This book is made for teachers looking to develop their knowledge around planning for an inquiry, while providing the time and space for students to grow in their confidence and skills in inquiry.

Curating Inquiries: Curriculum Design and Mapping for Primary Schools is crucial for teachers who strive to lead students to a future that they can wholeheartedly embrace. Available to pre-order here.

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