Coming Soon: The Art of Skimming Stones by Steven Trotter

Coming Soon: The Art of Skimming Stones by Steven Trotter

We are excited to announce the upcoming publication of The Art of Skimming Stones: Leading Sustained Improvement in Schools by Steven Trotter.

This book challenges conventional leadership frameworks, highlighting a crucial gap in their ability to effectively drive improvement. While many models emphasise individual capacities, they often lack practical guidance on implementing these skills for tangible results.

Developed through years of school leadership experience, Steven Trotter’s SKIM Model offers a clear pathway for school leaders seeking impactful change. This model emphasises intentional steps, focusing on subtle yet crucial shifts to engage individuals and foster meaningful improvement.

Steven Trotter has been a senior school leader and principal in a variety of school communities and settings of both small and large scale. Across rural, suburban and residential schools in both the primary and secondary education sectors.

Steven has been a system leader as Network Executive Chair and an Executive member in two Victorian government principal networks. Over his journey he has built a passion for designing, trialling and refining adult learning architecture for educators and leaders to ensure we are on the path for sustained, ongoing improvement.



By simplifying the complexity of leadership into actionable steps, Steven Trotter’s SKIM model empowers leaders across schools to enact positive change and enabling sustained improvement.

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