Coming Soon: Mentoring for Talent by Mark A. Smith

Coming Soon: Mentoring for Talent by Mark A. Smith

Amba Press is excited to announce the upcoming release of Mentoring for Talent: A Practical Guide for Schools by Mark A. Smith set to hit desks in July 2024.

From unlocking the untapped potential of gifted students to revolutionising school cultures, this book is a roadmap for educators and leaders alike. Discover tried-and-true mentoring methods that propel students to unprecedented heights, whether it's excelling in their final years of schooling or mastering the art of inquiry-based learning.

Through the lens of mentorship, explore innovative strategies that not only foster academic excellence but also nurture personal growth and community empowerment. Whether you're a seasoned educator or a school leader seeking to inspire change, Mentoring for Talent offers practical insights and creative solutions to elevate your teacher practice and transform the educational landscape.

Author, Mark A. Smith, is an innovative educator with over 30 years’ experience in the Victorian independent school system. He holds a Master of Education from Monash University and has long been associated with the VAGTC (Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children). Mark is passionate about his work in gifted and talented education where he has created and implemented large multi-faceted school wide programs at some of Melbourne’s largest independent schools.

An advocate for guided inquiry-based learning approaches, Mark has facilitated outstanding academic results for students of all ages using mentoring to cultivate questioning skills, and deep, engaging personal research processes, leading to student agency.

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